Top 10 Best and Fastest Android Browser of 2016

We gathered the best and fastest web browsers list that comes under top10. Google is best in the world, and Google services are top on the world. The services by Google like Gmail, Adsense and Play Store are awesome. Here are the best and fastest web browsers for android.


 Best and Fastest Browsers for Android

The Java and Symbian apps developers rebuilt their app for Android and get succeed. The most popular Opera and UC Browser are leasing android devices like kings. The browser those supports PC versions are also developed and they are also in competition. The Google also developed some web browsers for Android Device and those are awesome and makes top in the list. You can also see the list of best android apps like Best Free Recharge Apps for Android to Earn Freerecharge  for freerecharge, Best Photo Editing Apps for Android Phone  for photo editing, Best Free Movie Apps for Android to Watch Movies to Watch Movies. We have also different Best Android Apps to Download Free Music

Google Chrome- Fastest Browser for Android

The Browser designed very well and it is like default browser for android. The most used and the Fastest web browser. It works in the same way on Android as it works on PC. If you want to watch videos or movies in the browser then you just have to install flash player in your device. The most installed Web Browser for Android.

Unique Features:

  • Less Data Usage and has ad block feature.
  • Voice Search and Translate.
  • Incognito mode available
  • Fastest Web Browser in this list.


Opera is the most used browser on android devices. There are millions of android users to like it. The app comes in different versions like Opera Mini and Opera Browser for android. Where Opera Browser is big version supports all well designed website and good to browse and had some advanced features. The Opera Mini Browser excluding features it has some advantages like smooth browsing and faster than Opera Browser and easy to browse social networking sites. The opera does not make sound in PC or Laptop means it is decently used in PCs, where as Android, Opera is the most used fastest browser.

Unique Features:

  • Requires low space and small in size.
  • Easy user interface.
  • Easy to access saved pages, Bookmarks like that.

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UC Browser:

The fastest web browser for android and most installed browser in Google Play Store. There are 400millions users installed it and high rated browser in Google Play Store. UC Browser is the king of mobile devices, by the popularity in small ended mobile devices, the developers built the UC Browser for Android too and now it’s making sound than any other best browser for android. The android app has ultimate easy user interface and no heavy designs.

Unique Features:

  • Faster downloading than any other browser.
  • You can see the notifications of any Social Networks in sidebar of this browser
  • Ad Block
  • Very fast navigation and easy user interface.

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The Firefox was inbuilt for Android well but it is heavily designed and makes user to bore but you will get nice touch if you love browsing unlimited tabs at a time. There is no struck or nothing happens with this browser.

Unique Features:

  • Smart Looking and fast loading browser
  • Uploading speed is faster than any other browsers.
  • Includes ad on and some extensions for Android.

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Dolphin Browser for Android is the most installed and rated browser in Google Play Store.     The browser is very user friendly and easy to navigate. Very smallest in size as it compared to other browsers and requires less space. The browser includes very special features as it features are very unique. It includes extra tools and includes all search engines to browse as your choice.

Unique Features:

  • Inbuilt Flash Player
  • Pop Up Blocker and Ad Block
  • Includes mobile and Desktop view for browsing.

CM Browser for Android:

CM is already famous for its products of Androids. CM products like CM antivirus and CM launcher are famous products. Know this CM Browser is making sound in a short time period and it has awesome and great features. The CM browser requires very low space and small in size as it contains 2MB. The browser keeps you away from antivirus and you can also make adjustments using this web browser. As its main product is Antivirus app thus it gives the protection to browser. It also gives the protection to for downloading third party files and cleans the threat if it contains. The best browser is to use and recommended.

Unique Features:

  • Spyware and Malware protection
  • Speed Dial and Malicious protection for Downloads.


Maxthon is also one of the best and fastest android browsers. The browser is well developed for Iphone users too and the browser getting popular day by day and it makes you very secure while browsing through this.

Unique Features:

  • Home Panels are just awesome and you can customize or adjust them.
  • Easily navigation and can visit your favorite by speed dial.
  • The ultimate extensions available for this browser.

Mercury Browser:

Mercury browser is developed by iLegendsoft Inc and it is one of the most popular browsers for Iphone. The one and only browser that the most popular Iphone product to rebuilt for android device. The most secure browser to use and it has features called passcode lock incognito mode which makes you to lock your browser and to maintain privacy respectively.

Unique Features:

  • Ad Block and flash support.
  • Includes different search engine boxes.

Ghostery Browser:

Ghostery browser for android is ultimate and had inbuilt some best extensions. This is the best secure browser to use and it is the best we b browser who likes privacy.

Unique Features:

  • The fastest web browser uses some feature to block web trackers.
  • Inbuilt features like Flash Player and Ad Block.


Flynx is a fastest web browser developed by InfiKen Labs. It has some special features like Bubbling effect. Bubbling effect is when you click on the link on web there will be some bubble appears on the side of the screen and the page will open in background and you have to click on that bubble to read it.

Unique Features:

  • Night Mode
  • Link Bubble

We gathered the best information and listed all best browsers of android in popularity wise. If you are found the best one than this you can openly suggest and questions regarding this posts are also be accepted and those can be expressed through comment by using below form.

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