10 Best and Fastest Web Browsers for MAC 2016

Best Browsers for MAC 2016. In this article am going to list best browsers for MAC. As you know Internet is dominating the world. There is a platform to use internet called as Browser for all devices. So, while for PC there are many operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux and lot more. For every operating system there are different browsers used to browse Internet and here we are sharing the Top10 Best Browsers for Mac in 2016. Browsers used for lot of purposes like mailing, social networking and lot more. Apart from these all we have to think things about Privacy, Anti malware, Speed and lot more things to choose best browser for Mac. There are several factors to consider to choice the best web browser and considering all of them in mind I chose the top browser for MAC OS.

So, here I have made your job easy I mean I listed the Best browsers for Mac and also the features below. Considering the features of them you can choose the best one.


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Best Browsers for MAC in 2016

So, this is the list of Best web browser for Mac. Check out the list below.

Apple Safari- Best Browser for Mac

Safari is the app specially developed from the Apple and pre installed app for Mac users. Safari is the best browser for Mac and as I say it is best to select Safari for your Mac as it is official browser and supports lots of features. It is also called as Mac browser and supports lots of Apple products.

Features of Apple Safari:

  • It’s a apple product hence it support s all the extra tools provided by Apple
  • Cloud Integration feature that enhance the speed of browser.
  • Speed Dial, Battery savings and many more features.
  • Mac Interface I mean the feature used to add Plugin and extensions offered by Apple.
  • Ultimate performance and less battery consumption.
  • Faster than any other browser in Mac.
  • Ultimate security and privacy.

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Google Chrome-Best browser for mac

Google Chrome is the best browser in the world and it is also developed for Mac users too. As you know the browser is developed and controlling by Google. The browser is best for Mac users as it developed friendly for Mac users.


  • Chrome is the fastest browser in any platform as in Mac too. User friendly interface with perfect options.
  • Ultimate user experience and tones of extensions.
  • Clutter and struck free web pages.

Mozilla Firefox- best Web Browser For Mac

Mozilla Firefox is also a best webbrowser for Mac. There are millions of plugin and extensions are available for this browser. This browser also supports adblock extension and lot more unique extensions like this. Mozilla Firefoz is the most used browser in Windows while it also gain popularity in Mac and good to use.


  • Ultimate add-ons I mean infinite extension those help you to enhance the speed of browser.
  • Adblock extension to block annoying and pop up ads.
  • Ultimate user experience with smooth browsing.
  • Improved browsing options with new design.
  • Spelling checker feature.
  • Live bookmarking.

Opera-best web browser for Mac

Opera is also most popular browser for Mac. Opera is best browser for Mac has high popularity in Android and Windows. The app is also developed as test of Mac users and has enhanced speed to browse with a great user experience extent. So let’s have look at the feature of Opera.


  • Very smooth and fast browsing experience and no struck or sluggish like other browsers.
  • Easy user interface with easy navigation tabs and options.
  • Easy navigation and smooth browsing experience.
  • You can also preview the web pages by just hovering on the link.
  • You can also download torrent files with just inbuilt feature.

Maxthon- Best Browser for Mac OS X

Maxthon is best browser for Mac of 2016. The most popular browser for Mac users and developed specially for Mac users. The design of the website looks like Safari and because of its changes it has gain more popularity and freely available. These are the features of Maxthon.


  • Easy user friendly interface, developed as per the Mac users.
  • File sharing system
  • Various muse I mean cursor gestures.
  • In built feature to block the ads.
  • Save your password and name with inbuilt feature.

Torch Browser- Best Free Browser for Mac

Torch is best browser for Mac with ultimate features. This browser is getting more popularity due to its features and latest design. The browser looks as same as Google Chrome but provides many more features than it on Mac. The browser


  • The browser supports all extensions of Google Chrome I mean you can use them even in this browser.
  • Torch browser also makes you to know social networking notifications on sidebar of the browser without using opening Social networking sites. This makes your job easy.
  • Various mouse gestures.
  • Multi screen supported to do multitasking.


Omni is ultimate web browser for Mac users for it beat and unique features. It also creates thumbnails for last visited like Mozilla Firefox to navigate the websites easily.


  • Easy navigating options and supports all the websites without struck or any problems.


Camino is a best web browser for Mac with the same design like Firefox base but it supports very well for Mac.


  • Ultimate user interface with scrolling bars on header of the browser.
  • Pre in built feature to block pop-up ads or any other ads.
  • As usual built for Mac only.
  • Best user experience and smooth browsing.
  • Oldest browser For Mac.

Flock Web Browser- Best free Web Browser for Mac

Flock Web Browser is called as Firefox v3 as it based on the latest version of Mozilla Firefox called as Firefox v3. It connects you to the social media networks with its sidebar and got the notifications and messages.

  • It is the latest version of firefox, hence it supports all firefox extensions.
  • Easy share option to share a web page in social networks.
  • Uploading speed of files is amazing

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RockmetMelt: Top Browser for Mac.

RockketMelt is another best browser for Mac. Enhanced speed and you have to experience with Facebook. You can also perform facebook activities without logging in. Smooth browsing effect and easy navigating.


Final Say:

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