Top 10 Best Android Antivirus Apps to Secure Phone in 2016

In this article we are going to discuss about Best Android Antivirus Apps and here we guide you to secure your Android mobiles using the best free antivirus for android and the best android security apps.


Best Free Antivirus Security Apps for Android phones

The best android antivirus now these developed are to make promotion and there is no use of them and some them are ultimate and bets to use. I gathered some of the best antivirus here and the information about them. They finds malware comes through some unauthorized files and apps that you are downloaded from other than Play Store and they will hack the information from your Android and will torture you. The virus can slow down your Mobile performance and will cause some other problems like battery down and software related issues.

That’s why we found solution for all these problems and presenting you the 10 best android antivirus apps.

360 Security-Best Android Antivirus

It’s completely free. The ultimate app developed by Chinese and makes your android app in safe hand. The most installed and popular android antivirus. The 100 millions are installed this app on Google Play Store and the apps comes with lots of features and this scans you r complete device including files, apps and videos and removes the threat in minutes. The app comes with booster which releases the Ram and increase the performance of this device. It comes with another feature called app lock using this you can lock your apps with passwords.

Best Android Antivirus Features: Anti-malware, Real-time protection, Anti-theft feature, App’s built in cleaner and booster, App lock

Avast! Mobile Security-Antivirus for Android Phones

First of all it’s completely free and very popular for PC version Antivirus for Android Phones. Then further it was developed for androids in free version. It comes with a several features and the main reason to install it is Avast completely scans your apps those are downloaded by third party websites and removes the threats. The app comes with special feature called Web Shield and that can protect you in Web. It scans your url and find the threat. There are lot more features in this antivirus package and one more is anti theft component. The feature is just ultimate and through this you can remote control your android mobile using SMS. The best use of this feature is if you lost your phone then you can control it and can find where it is. It can block Wi-Fi and internet access to those apps doesn’t require for those. If you are looking for safe browser and secure from malware then this is the best android security app for you.

Best Android Antivirus Features: Web Shield, Anti Theft and anti malware.

AVL- Free Antivirus for Android

                     If you want a simple a simple and best android antivirus that doesn’t contain any extra features like anti theft and any other features then it is suitable for you. It was tested and proved that it completely removes threat found in your mobile and boosts the performance of your mobile. It increase the battery life of your android device and after this all I can say one thing that it can block all malware containing apps and antivirus means it totally removes the threats not any more than that.

Avira Antivirus Security- Android Virus Protection

You can completely trust this android virus protection and because high rated antivirus for android on Google play store. There are millions of users installed it on Play store. There are lots of features including anti-theft and much more as you know anti theft is remote controlling feature available in antivirus app and you can control your android phone even your phone is stolen. You can block anything using this app and premium version of this app has features more than this. The premium version contains anti-phishing and more support from the brand. Even though free version is good for those who just want to clear the malware and boost up the performance of your android phone.

AVG-Best Free Antivirus for Android


AGV is the most popular antivirus for PC and powerful too. Best Free Antivirus for Android is also developed for android to maintain its popularity. There are 100millions installs in Google Play Store and had a great rating. The app has lot of features including real time protection and device scanning. It has also high voltage features like anti-theft and task killer. You can increase back up of your android phone battery and increase the storage of your phone by releasing the RAM. You can increase the performance of your android phone and boost up your device. If you buy the premium version then you can get some more features like app lock and message blocking.

Best Android Antivirus Features: Anti theft and task killer.

Bitdefender Antivirus-Best Android Antivirus

You are surprised for this because it top the list means it’s too light and low in size. The app comes with two features called RealTime Protection and scanner. It is also one of the best android antivirus apps which clean threat on your android phones.      

CM Security-Antivirus for Android Phones

The antivirus is the oldest app and now little bit loss the popularity but it is best android antivirus for android and cleans the threat in your phone and the antivirus app comes with ultimate feature called App-Lock through which you can lock the apps in your android phone and its pretty decent in detecting the malwares.

AndroHelm- Free Antivirus for Android

It’s not popular but it has lots of features in it. It includes features like real time protection and it scans apps soon after installing and cleans the threats. The app has lot more features like apps backup and virus protection.

Eset- Android Virus Protection

Eset is a android virus protection and the app was tested and 100% it cleans the threat. It also has some features like real time protection and anti-malware. The free version is just clears the viruses and the paid version comes with features like antitheft and many more.

Kaspersky- Best Free Antivirus for Android

Kaspersky is popular for it’s also one of the best free antivirus for android and android virus protection. The free version just scans and clears the threats and paid version includes anti theft, real time protection and lot more features.

That’s all. These all antivirus apps are trusted and tested from AV-Test and they can detect and clears the threats. Any queries regarding these all antivirus and any suggestion other than these can be posted through comment using below form.

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