10+ Best Android Launchers in 2016

Best Android Launchers: Here we are talking about the best android launchers in my blog. When you buy a new android phone and you look at your outlook of mobile and it’s amazing that’s buy you bought it. You just tried using Custom Android ROMs to make your inner look of the mobile even smart or to speed up your android mobile but you are not satisfied with that also and now look at the smart android launchers to make your android mobile even smart. That’s you are landed here then lets go.


Best Launchers for Android:

Just look at below Android Launchers they are best and free. These all best android launchers available in the Google Play Store. In these android launchers we have included some ultimate 3D android launchers. You can also see the list of best android apps like Best Free Recharge Apps for Android to Earn Freerecharge  for freerecharge, Best Photo Editing Apps for Android Phone  for photo editing, Best Free Movie Apps for Android to Watch Movies to Watch Movies. We have also different Best Android Apps to Download Free Music

Action Launcher-Fastest Android Launcher:

The ever popular android launchers and it doubles your phone inner look with its advanced features. This android feature has some of features and you really like to use this launcher.

Android Launchers Features:

  • It provides ultimate feature called Quick theme which makes your background ultimate and makes your phones home screen smart looking and determines the theme accents.
  • Covers- which can changes your folder options with some unique actions.
  • Quickpage- It’s like homescreen and you can access anything or from anywhere using this feature.

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It is also available for free and you can buy it originally through Google Play Store.

Apex Launcher-Top Launchers for Android:

It’s my favorite android launchers and offers lot of features. The features of this launcher are as same as Nova launcher but it provides some unique features than it. You can tweak the icon tray size and animations. It’s free and you can upgrade it for some low price and after upgrading it you can get wide range of themes and new looks for your phone.

Android Launchers Features:

  • You can adjust home screen settings, drawer settings, theme settings, behavior settings and folder settings and some more advance settings
  • There is a feature called scrolling duck and you can use it for lay plenty of icons.
  • Menu key long press action
  • The commands like pinch in, swipe up and swipe down are awesome.

You can directly buy it through Goggle Play store for free and upgraded cost will be $4.49.

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Google Now Launcher-Android Launchers:

As the name tells it was developed officially by Google and it is default installed in some of the phones. The left home screen becomes Google Now and you can execute all type of functions using “OK Google” commands.

Android Launchers Features:

  • You can use search and can launch it easily.
  • You can easily get connected with popular functions that you have used like popular browsing history, and most used apps.

Action, Apex and Google Now Launchers are my favorite android launcher apps. It’s completely free, fast loading and requires low space to install.

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Nova Launcher-Best Android Launchers:

The design of this android launchers is just awesome and the app was installed more than million views. The most popular android launcher and it had some ultimate unique features. If you upgrade this to premium means as before it is free and you will get features like to adjust the corner radius, border, background and text color.

Android Launchers Features:

  • Animation options, folder views, and desktop behaviors
  • Swipe functions which you can use as folder means folder options also apply for these apps like swipe or you can launch app with a tap.

It not costs much to upgrade it to premium while it costs only $4

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Buzz Launcher-Free Launchers for Android:

It is completely different from other launchers and has a different theme. The free and smart looking android launcher app and it has 1 million of installs in Google Play Store. It offers a unique feature called Homepack and using it you can edit whole home screen.

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Solo Launcher-Best Launchers for Android:

It offers material design means you can design it anyhow. There lots of features available for this app and you can even customize it and make it even smarter. You can edit almost all widgets using this launcher and fast loading launcher. The app doesn’t require much space with 2GB app size. If you want simple and speed performer launcher then choose it.

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Smart Launcher 3-Free Launchers for Android:

The android launcher is just is unique as it has some different home screen. It offers lot of features like notifications in the home screen and there are thousands of themes available for this launcher. It offers you to get password protected apps and even some customization. The home screen in this launcher some of shortcuts are available and they are arranged flower-style pattern. This makes you to launch apps quickly and to make device quick accessible. The smart launcher app can up gradable to premium with just $3 and it looks like simple but it’s amazing with lot of features.

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Next Launcher 3D Shell-Best 3d Launcher for Android:

This is highly premium android launcher with some advance features. The app is developed by GO android launcher developers. As the name tells it has 3D style home screen layout that makes you can scroll tab on the right side to suddenly switch to any home screen. It’s totally different from other launchers as you can get set of ultimate widgets and themes if you get premium pack. It costs little high ($16.99). You can get it in even cheaper by purchasing the apps.

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Lightning Launcher-Fastest Android Launcher:

Lightning launcher is highest rated launcher and as the name tells it speeds up the performance of your device. This feature includes unlimited home screens and icons for this free launcher. If you upgrade it for premium then you will get some advance features. This is for you if you want to speed up your device performance in lightening speed.

Launcher8-Best Android Launchers:

This is the launcher makes your device looks complete look like Windows device and it has all features as same as Windows. Using this android launcher you can convert widgets windows phone style. The app is totally free and there is no premium purchase.

CM Launcher-Best Launchers for Android:

The launcher app is developed by the most popular android security app CM security and requires low space. The app is only size of 2MB and it speeds up your phones performance. You can use both security app and launcher because CM security app is built in it. It’s completely free and ultimate looking android launcher app.


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