5 Best Android Lock Screen Apps to Secure your Phone

Best Lock Screen Replacement Apps

In this article we are sharing Best Android Lock Screen Apps those helps you to secure your phone and also makes your android phone look smart. If you are android user you much came out through lots of lock screen apps those are mainly use to secure your phone. Apart from security the trend is beautifying your phone with these security apps. We can find different lock screen methods like pattern, password, slider and many more.


Best Android Lock Screen Apps

Actually there are lots of android lock screen apps available on Google Play Store and there are some ultimate, good and bad apps categorized. So here we are sharing those ultimate apps considered by filtering upon design, method and many more things. So just look at the below best android lock screen apps include some funny apps too. You can also see the list of best android apps like Best Free Recharge Apps for Android to Earn Freerecharge  for freerecharge, Best Photo Editing Apps for Android Phone  for photo editing, Best Free Movie Apps for Android to Watch Movies to Watch Movies. We have also different Best Android Apps to Download Free Music.

Echo Notification- Best Lock Screen App for Android 2016

Echo Notification is also a best free android lock screen app. It is an ultimate app as the title tells it alerts someone try to use your phone without your attention or if they try to unlock your phone. There are pretty much offers available by using this lock screen app. You can just try them out. It is light weight app hence requires low space on your android phone. So just try it out freely available on Google Play Store.

LokLok- Best Android Lock Screen

It’s like entertaining locking your phone without screen locker app. This one is just ultimate and will make your friends fools. I mean it safes your Android Phone being used by any other person just with unlock widget. It is available freely on Google Play Store and one of the best if you are not using any screen locking apps. If you want to know the craziness of this app then you must install the app right know. That’s it.

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Alarm Antitheft- Best Screen Lock

Yeah Its Alarm antitheft I mean to say the lock screen app will let you know or sound if somebody to use your android phone. It is completely free and available on Google Play Store and you can also get more offers if you want to pay for that as it comes with in app purchases. If you want your phone to be secure then this is must use android lock screen app for you. You can lock your phone with password, pattern and slide and if somebody wants to use your phone then he might use it by unlocking otherwise it knocks. You can also create a set of groups to use your mobile phone.

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SideLock Locker- Lock Screen for Android

Sidelocker works best for iPhone and even it is developed for Android and became one of the most popular android screen locker apps. It comes with lot of features with simple design and easy user interface. It is ultimate design and offers 3 options to lock your phone with this app. The 3 locking options are slide, pattern and pin. Apart from locking your phone even you can get some advantages like opening notifications that you forgot or don’t know the password. Even if the mobile is locked you can swipe it from right to left to use the camera. Locker screen goes and camera will be showed up for sometimes.

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Next Lock Screen- Best Lock Screen Replacement Apps

Next Lock Screen is developed by Microsoft and we also know that Microsoft is also producing android apps. Unlike the other locking apps you will also get different screen locking features like pattern, pin and password. Apart from these all you can also get fingerprint locking feature through this app if your Android Phone supports. You will get extreme features like calling your favorite ones while your phone is locked. If you forgotten the keyword then you can access few apps like Wifi, music and lot more through quick access bar. I already told you there are plenty of offers and you just need to experience them.

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