5 Best Camera Apps for iPhone to take Selfies

Bets Camera App for iPhone

iPhone the smartphone company which invented selfies and now this is the trend worldwide. So as all of you know that people buy the iPhone due to its one of the best feature camera using which you can take ultimate pictures and share it everywhere. So, here we are sharing Best Camera Apps for iPhone using these you can easily capture high quality images, edit them, design them and share them. Here you can see the list of best camera apps for iPhone . There are many new applications of camera which are used to get perfect selfies and photos like 180 degree. Front, shape and has many more features. You can use these below camera apps for your iPhone to get perfect selfies.

Best Camera Apps for iPhone


This is the list of Best Camera Applications for iOS using these you can get better selfies, photos and share it everywhere.

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Perfect 365- Best Camera app for iPhone

If you want to take incredible selfies of you and then want to share it on Internet then this is for you guys. It is the best camera app for iPhone. You can take amazing pictures of you using this picture and has the feature to edit the image there only with few clicks and give the amazing touch up for your image. Perfect 365 is the best selfie app for iPhone. This is the app which stands best among all the camera apps for iPhone.

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The Froentback is a best and most popular camera application for iPhone. As the name tells it is used to take both selfies by front camera and also with the back camera. The special of this app is it takes photo both from front and back camera at a time means where if you want to take selfie and the background of your opposite then you can use this amazing app for your iPhone.

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CamMe- Best Selfie Camera app for iPhone 2016

CamMe is the best and non regular selfie taking app on iOS. This app has ultimate features and unlimited specifications. You can take tons of selfies with just one click with no endings. You can also get edited your photo with amazing photoshop features. There is a special feature called Funshot, which helps you to increase the brightness, color and sharpness of the images with reality.

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Picr is also a different kind and popular picture taking camera application for Apple iPhone. This is also one of the most common used camera apps for iPhone and I think you might have heard about this. You can take unlimited extra ordinary pictures with this appp which helps you to make or set pictures like a film. This amazing app also helps you to get amazing selfie of you in your iPhone.  As I said it makes a film through your pictures and you can edit that too. You can add music, memes to your pictures to make it as a short film or memory.

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FaceTune is the application which is mostly used to get your right picture with right looks. You can easily set your image with accurate looking and alter them with this amazing app. You can edit your image with most advanced tool in this app like skin composition teeth whitening and many more. Facetune is also a best selfie app for iPhone. accelent


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