7 Best Fitness Apps for Android

Today, in this article am going to list best fitness app for Android 2016. These apps developed in order to take care of those people cares about fitness. Being fitness helps you lot in these days, as we know looking fit and fine makes yourself happy. There are lots of fitness apps out there but here we listed 7 best out of them. The below listed fitness apps for android are to guide you exercise, Yoga and workout apps. Some of them are to take care or track the daily exercise and workout. You can also see the list of best android apps like Best Free Recharge Apps for Android to Earn Freerecharge  for freerecharge, Best Photo Editing Apps for Android Phone  for photo editing, Best Free Movie Apps for Android to Watch Movies for watching movies and finally Best Android Apps to Download Free Music for downloading music.

The below listed apps are completely free to use and available on Google Play Store. Install them on your Android Phone and be fit yourself without any guider or anything.

best fitness app for android

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Best Fitness App for Android 2016


Here is below is the list of best workout apps for Android. So here you can using these sites you can improve your fitness or get suggestion and information. Just install them on your Android Phone. Then start it now.


Endomondo is best fitness apps for android. Endomondo is the app helps you track your time taking for distance covered with Run, Walk or by cycling. It also has the audio coach feature to motivate your or impress you for being bored.  You can also keep records of previous workouts.

Instant Heart Rate

Instant Heart Rate is another best fitness app for android. This app helps you to track heart beat rate and helps you to difference of the heart beat rate and to check any changes in health. I personally recommend you to use this best fitness app for android 2016. It’s the easy procedure to use it. Just hold the finger on your camera of Android Phone and then heart beat will open then it will count your personal rate then it check your heart beat.

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SleepBot- Best Android Fitness App

SleepBot is the best fitness app for android to track record of overall sleep per day. Sleep is the most important thing to keep you healthy and fit. If you doing all things correct then you have to do it correctly too. It has the best feature to guideline you to get a better sleep and refreshment. You can also set alarms when you want to wake up. You must have this on your android phone.

Calorie Counter

Calorie counter is also one of the best android fitness apps. It calculates the calorie of the food that you are going to have and also suggest you to have what is the best amount of calorie to have for food. You can check amount calories after eating your food. The food will be scan by barcode scanner and there are millions of foods materials were listed on the app. You can check the calorie of the food by with barcode. This is best android fitness app to maintain the calories in your food.

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Moves are also a great and best workout app for android. This is also one of the greatest in android fitness app industry. Moves android app which tracks your work that you are doing and makes notes I mean daily dairy and help you to what you improved daily. You can analyze your running time, cycling, swim and lot more and check what’s improved. This is also best workout app for android.

Workout Trainer- Best Workout App for Android

Workout trainer is also best workout app for android and you must have in your Android phone. There are audio and video tutorials for easy user understandings. There is pro version of this app is available and there are ultimate features for paid app.

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VirtuaGYM Fitness

VirtualGym is also a great and best workout app for android helps you to exercises. The app has different exercise that you have to work on. The exercise are ultimate and given with diagrams and shown correct positions and procedures. There are thousands of exercises those you can try. My favorite app to do exercise and best fitness android app for you.


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