8 Best Free Email Providers in 2016

Hi all Newtipstricks readers and here am here again with great list. In this article here am sharing Free Email Providers 2016. We all need great email service because of many reasons like spam messages, quick navigation, security and for many more reasons. So if you are looking for free email providers is easy to use and gives you basic protection. So because of readers need am sharing free email providers 2016 which you have to read right now. So, looking at few features we have decided to list best free email providers from top to bottom. If you are searching it on search engines you may get some incorrect email providers. So, you just need to look at my post best free email providers.

In this article here we are sharing best email providers which you can use without any doubt.  See I have huge experience in this as I receive daily 1000s of emails and use 10-15 email providers. So, I also use good free email providers. I need free mail providers for several purposes using that we can perform better. Whatever you need security, quick navigation and many more things for email provider. So check this list of best email provider list.

Features of Free Email Providers

Here are the amazing features of best free email providers 2016 given below.

  • Ultimate security features like two step authentication security for Gmail users.
  • Supported IMAP and many more things.
  • Quick Navigation and spam free.
  • Smooth user interface.


Free Email Providers

The top to bottom list of best free email providers is listed by taking care of certain features as you know and you can choose one of them without any doubt. All of the below listed free email provider are great so select the best one as your need. These all email provides are completely free. As I already said all of them are best and secure free email provider. So you just need safest email providers then check them out. Here is the list of best email service 2016.

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Mail.com is a best free email provider you need try it right now. Mail.com offered ultimate features than any other free email providers so we have listed in the top of the list. So there are no fix host address for email like @mail.com, then you can use anything that you want so if you are student you can use host address like @student.com by creating account on the site. You can just look at these features and this email provider is associated with domain registering company 1&1.

  • You can easily Signup using some steps.
  • You can send unlimited files might be larger than 30MB.
  • There is no need of mobile number to sign up for this email provider.
  • Inbuilt features to secure your email address.

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Gmail is the popular and great free email provider offered by Google. Once again Google product dominating all, that’s why it’s best. This is the safest free email provider which you must try if you are looking for secure free email provider. You can look the features offered by this email provider then you might going to know that it’s safest and also best email provider.

Features of this Free Email Provider:

  • 2 step verification to secure your email account.
  • Safest and 100% uptime with response in a moment.
  • You can also use the app developed for Android, iOS and Android.

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YMail by Yahoo Mail

YahooMail is also a free email provider 2016 offered by Yahoo the famous search engine. You can easily sign up for this free email provider with few steps. You can sign up for this without phone number and sometimes you need it for security reason. You can also join the biggest yahoo answers community with Yahoo mail. It gives you free storage of

Features of this free email provider:

  • Supports POP3 and IMAP.
  • Gives you free storage of 1TB.
  • Join Yahoo Answers and get answer for your every doubt.
  • Avoid spam mails easily from Yahoo mail.

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Outlook is also one of the best free email provider and offers ultimate features. This app is totally integrated with Windows also gives you ultimate security for your Windows PC. It also integrated with Windows applications like Microsoft word, Excel and many more.

Features of this best email provider:

  • Only few steps for Signup and no need of mobile number for sign up process.
  • 100% Responsive and uptime.
  • Supports POP3 and EAS.

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Yandex Mail

Yandex Mail is also a best email provider and offers great features to get listed in Top5. This free email provider offered by great search engine Yandex which is most popular search engine in Russia. This search engine available in Russian language but this email provider supports English language.

Features of this free email provider:

  • 100% responsive and uptime.
  • There is a feature called Auto-follow if the mail is replied.
  • It supports almost all platforms.
  • You can schedule emails for future too.

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iCloud Mail

iCloud Mail is also a best email provider and popular among Apple users. If you are an Apple user you might know this free email service. This is the ultimate email provider for Apple users. Because it is integrated with Apple products and millions of Apple users uses this service. This is gives you best security if you are Apple user and smooth user interface. You can easily sync important files using this iCloud Mail in any of your Apple device.

Features of this free email provider:

  • It offers you 5GB free storage.
  • Supports SMTP & IMAP.
  • Easy user interface without any disturb.
  • Easily sync with all of your Apple devices.

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Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is also a free email provider 2016. It is very easy to use as it is ads free and clean. It also offers some ultimate features and few drawbacks. You can easily use it for free and offers 5GB for email storage for free. The developers also developed things like Online Notepad, spread sheet and many more things.

Features of this free email provider:

  • Developed Apps for Android and iOS to use this service easily using apps in these devices.
  • Easy user interface.

AIM Mail

ATM Mail is also a best and free email provider which is also popular for its unlimited free storage. Yes. AIM Mail provides unlimited free storage for its users. If you are looking for best email provider then this is for you with spam protection. There are some limitations to use this email provider so you can feel it as it is listed in last.

  • Anti spam protection with unlimited free storage.
  • Easy to sign up with few steps.
  • Ultimate UI.

Final Say:

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