10 Best Free GPS and Navigation Apps for Android to Offline Navigation

In this article we are going to list the 10 Best Free GPS and Navigation Apps for Android to track any locations. So, as you know you can track colleges, offices and many more landmarks using your smart phone. So, you will track them using Google Map as its most used app in Android mobile to track the locations. So, here we are sharing same apps which have better tracking impact and popular. Google Map is also a good one but if you want to try more then you have to look below list. You can find lots of Free GPS navigation apps out there in Google Play Store or anywhere in the Internet but here we listed by handpicking the GPS navigation apps by looking at their features and many more things. You can easily download them from Google Play Store for free. You can also see Top 10 Best Google Gravity Tricks here.


Best Free GPS and Navigation apps for Android Phone

So, below is the list of Best Free GPS and Navigation apps for Android. Get the best one.

Google Maps

Google Maps is the widest used GPS navigation app in Android Phone developed by Google.Inc. As I always said when Google creates the products it completely dominates the other products.  This app is available all over the world and you can track any location in the world by using this app. There are some ultimate features offered by this app which makes the Google Maps app in the top of the table. You can easily check your routes and your exact location and many more things by this app. It gives you live to live traffic updates. You can easily use it and download the maps or routes to use for offline as ypu cannot use it for offline navigation. Just check the features of this app.


  • Google Map is available all over the world with accurate and updated maps.
  • You can easily get your destination by using Google Map easily. You can easily track your location with this app.
  • You can also use it for voice guide for routing.
  • You can find landmarks like College, Home and many more using this Google Map app.

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HERE Maps-Free GPS Navigation app

HERE Maps is also a popular android GPS navigation app which is famous for its offline working. Really it works for offline. This GPS navigation app is developed by Nokia mobile developers.  So, here you can easily find your destination and many more things on offline too. You can easily view Indoor views of many more things such as College, Offices and this makes app special from other apps. So, in order to use this app you just need to register for it. You can also download whole map and save it to use it for offline and one more thing you don’t need to worry about registration as it’s free. So, here are the features of HERE Maps.


  • You can use Here Maps completely without internet connection.
  • You can see indoor view of Malls, Hotels, Colleges and many more things and this is fantastic.
  • You can also get real time traffic information and routing with internet connection.

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Maps.me is also a best and popular GPS navigation android app works without internet connection. There are millions of people already installed according to Google Play Store. This app is not free and also not costly and you can use it by paying $5. You can use this app all over the world and get the detailed information in Map. The special feature of this app is PoI which is used to get clear routing.


  • It works without internet connection.
  • You can download and save the maps to use it for offline.
  • You can also get clear routing and get reach to correct address.

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Waze Social GPS Maps

Waze is also a best GPS Navigation app for android which is completely free to use. You can easily get traffic information and using this app you can easily get updates of incidents. It frequently updates its maps, real time traffic and routing. It also helps you to locate or general needed things like Gas Store, offices and many more things.


  • You can also get alerts of incidents like Accidents, Road Blocks and many more things related to routing.
  • Frequent update of Maps and real time traffic.
  • The special feature called ETA which helps you to join your friends at the same location in road trip.

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Find My Friends

Find My Friends is also a Best GPS navigation app for android with ultimate features. There are some unique features offered by this GPS navigation app. It offers special feature called ETA which helps you to connect with your friends on Maps to track and tells the current location of your friend and arrival time of your friend. The name tells the story of this GPS navigation app.


  • You can easily locate your friend current location using this GPS navigation app.
  • You can also chat with your friends for the routing guide to arrive you.

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ROUTE66 is an ultimate android GPS navigation app and offers some excellent features. It is a complete premium looking app which you can use it for several purposes. It frequently updates the maps and gives you the lot information like weather and many more. Using this navigation app you can also find routes for your destination, signals and many more things. The navigation app most commonly used to find the destination easily with accurate routes and locations.


  • It works for offline and you can see maps without internet connection.
  • You can get the information about weather I mean information about rain and many more.
  • You can see things like 3D building and landmarks to find real time traffic.
  • Warnings for traffic rules breaks like speed, signals and many more.

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Navmii GPS World

Navmii is also a wonderful GPS navigation app for Android. This app is established due to its unique features. So, here you can get the features like offline navigation, Google Street View, HD maps and many more features as they are given below. The app is small in size and hence requires low RAM in your Android Phone. You can easily track the maps without internet connection. The most special thing in the app is even you can get real time traffic in Map without internet connection.


  • Offline navigation
  • Real time traffic without internet connection
  • Google street view and HD maps

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GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic

GPS Navigation app is also a popular android GPS navigation app. This GPS navigation app is also offered by TomTom apps. In this GPS navigation app you can get HD maps, inbuilt POI feature and many more things which you can look at features section. This app is freely available on Google Play Store.


  • Voice navigation with native languages support.
  • Inbuilt feature called POI which is used to get clear routings for your destination.
  • HD Maps with real time traffic.

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Navigon is a premium looking GPS navigation app which is used to get route of the destination. It established lot with its unique features. There are ultimate and unique features offered by this GPS navigation app like voice commenting, offline navigation and many more those you can look at feature section. As I can you can use it offline for things like maps, location but you need internet connection for real time traffic and routings.


  • You can easily select your destination and route for destination without internet connection means offline.
  • You can find route for your destination just through voice by saying the place of destination.
  • It also gives the detailed information about Traffic rules like signals and speed limit while driving.

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TomTom is also a Free GPS navigation app for android and offers some unique features. This GPS navigation app also works for offline I mean without internet connection. In the connection with internet connection you can get some more information like real time traffic, routings and many more. You can also see 3D landmarks using this navigation app. The frequent updates of Maps make users to connect with this android app. You can get both free and paid versions of this navigation app. You can get more advance features for paid version.

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This was list of 10 Best Free GPS and Navigation Apps for Android to Offline Navigation. If you have any queries or confusions regarding this guide then you can ask them through comments using form provided below and we will reply to it within 24hours.

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