5 Best Free Online File Sharing Sites in 2016

Best Online Free File Sharing Site

In this article we are sharing Best Online Free Sharing Sites those will help you to share large file online. So, most of us share lots of important files through emails but there is a problem is sending the files as you know. So, we get websites list those will completely help you to share large files. Here you can easily share large files completely for free. So as per you know you can’t send files larger than 100 MB through email. Then you don’t need to worry here we have the best sites or the hosting service providers which will gives you the feature to send files larger then 100MB. You can also see the best sites like Best Websites to Download Free Movies for movie downloading   Best Free Movie Streaming Sites to Watch Movies Online for free for online movies streaming Best Free Sports Streaming Websites for online streaming.


Features of Best Free Online File Sharing Service

Before using any product you just have to check the specifications and features of that product for belief. So, here are the features of the below given sites those used to share files over the internet.

  • Security and privacy for your files.
  • Ultimate support with easy access.
  • Easily upload and share files unlimited files with unlimited size.

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Best Free Online File Sharing Sites to Share Large Files

Finally here are the Best Free Online Free Sharing Sites to Share Large Files


Zippyshare is also a best online file sharing sites. Here you just need to upload the file for free and Zippyshare aloows you to share the files online for free. The receiver has to download the files and you can share the file up to 200MB. Here are some exceelent features of this online files sharing site.


  • Your files are highly protected and in private mode in case you do not want it to be visible to all.
  • You can share files with the size of 200MB.
  • You can view the shared files in HTML view.

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Google Drive

Google Drive is most commonly used and best online free file sharing site. It can be easily accessed through Google Account as it is a Google Product. You can easily enable this feature by just going to Google Drive through your Google Account. It is too easy to use and share your files using this. You can even edit the files that you shared online.


  • You can get free 15GB storage and 100GB storage for $2.
  • Share unlimited files larger than 100MB.

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Dropbox is also a popular file sharing sites and online Cloud Storage. You can easily upload the files here and you need to upload it through its client software. You can even get the Dropbox installed it on your smart phones and available for Android and iOS devices. It is very easy to use and even to install.


  • You will get 2 GB free storage.
  • Then for paid storages space you will get 50GB for $9.99 per month and if you need more then you can get 19.99/month for 100GB. You will get even more advanced features for paid accounts.

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MediaFire is also a best online fire sharing site. You can easily share unlimited files larger than 200MB. You just need to upload the file using BitDefender and share the files. Then receiver can download the files easily. So, there are ultimate features offered by this site and you can even look at more features.


  • Unlimited Free Storage Space.
  • Share larger files than 200MB.
  • You have to pay for sharing larger files more than 4GB in size.

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Box is best online file sharing website and offers many more features. Here you can easily share file size of 100MB with free account. You can get unlimited storage for paid account and below are the even more features of this site.


  • You will get free 5GB free storage space.
  • You can share files larger than 100MB.
  • You can share files larger then 2GB with paid account which costs $9.99/month.
  • The paid account also gives you 25 GB free storage.

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