10 Best Free Recharge Apps for Android to Earn Freerecharge

In this tutorial we are back with I mean New Tips Tricks is back with Best Free Recharge Apps for Android that will completely let you know about Free Recharge Apps. Free Recharge Apps are those helps the Android apps for marketing and also helps users by currency I mean mobile recharge. You just have to download the apps or do the task those were given in the free recharge apps. Then they will pack in the form of mobile recharge after particular amount.  There is no need to tell any more things as you know about these I mean that’s why you are landed here. But one thing, here we shared the list those are genuine and high paying apps. Here we have some best sites like Best Sites to Download PC Games for Free for PC games and Best Sites to Watch TV Shows Online

These freercharge apps completely saving pocket money with their extraordinary offers, then you can see the list here. So, here am placed the best free recharge apps 2016. So below are the high paying mobile recharges and best apps fro Android phone to get free recharge.

Best Free Recharge Apps

Best Free Recharge Apps for Android

Below are the top10 best free recharge apps. Best free recharge android app to get free talk time are here. Here are best sites list like Best Websites to Download Free Movies for movie downloading   Best Free Movie Streaming Sites to Watch Movies Online for free for online movies streaming Best Free Sports Streaming Websites for online streaming Free MP3 Download Sites   for mp3 downloading.

mCent- Free Recharge App

Always, mCent is the highest paying best free recharge app for Android. There are 10 million installs and that’s the popularity of this android app. As you know mCent is the highest paying free recharge app for refer. You can get RS20 to 500 rupees for refer and this is amazing and highest. Another way to earn recharge through this app is to install the apps listed in the mCent. You will get huge money for this also by downloading and installing simple and small apps in your SmartPhone. Even if you use apps for some weeks then you can get even more money. You can earn maximum Rs50 for one app and minimum is Rs5. The last way to earn free recharge through this app is to advertising I mean you just have to place a ad on a website that’s it.

Earn Talktime

Earn Talktime is another best recharge apps for android. The app is developed by RationalHeads Technologies. The app has same popularity like mCent and also looks like mCent. There are 10 millions for installs for this android app in Google Play Store. It pays the recharge in many ways by refer or by installing the apps. The payout from this app is almost as same as mCent but little bit lower than it. It pays Rs40 for each refers and it also pays you by taking surveys. The special feature of the app is you can use this to recharge for both mobile and DTH.


There are lots of people doesn’t know existence of this app. There are lakhs of people using this app and has released recently on March and getting positive response. Best app for android to get free recharge and the pay out of this app is less than above two. It pays Rs 20 for each refers.

Task Busks- Free Paytm Cash & Recharge

TaskBucks is also another most popular free recharge app that was installed by 5 million people in Google Play Store. It also offers offer you to earn recharge from refer and installing app listed in the TaskBucks app. You can earn Rs 40 for each refers and you can directly transfer the money to Paytm app using this app. You can also take survey on facebook to earn recharge. You can also review the apps by using this app and you can earn by reviewing apps.

AppTrials Free Mobile Recharge

AppTrials is alsob a genuine app to get free recharge. You can install the apps and games to your android phone with AppTraials and earn free recharge. You can also earn free recharge through refer and for each refer you can earn RS10 too low but it’s good if you finished all the jobs in main apps. If you refer this for 10 friends then you can earn Rs50 as bonus. You can also convert your recharge amount into currency using Payumoney. Very small in size and requires low space on your android phone.

FreePlus- Free Mobile Recharge

FreePlus is also a great android app to earn free recharge. It offers you to download or watch pop-up ads to earn free recharge. The app pays Rs 5 per each referral and too low but it’s easy to earn free recharge through refer as soon as your friend download and installs the app.

Ultimate FreeB- Free Recharge

Ultimate FreeB is also most popular free recharge app for Android. The best thing is there are over 2million people installed the app. There is no login or formalities to use this app. In this app you can earn recharge through downloading apps and also by refer. You can earn Rs20 for each referral.

Ladoo- Free Recharge App

Ladoo is another best recharge app for Android. There are 3 millions installs for this app on Google Play Store. This app works in the same procedure as other free recharge apps. As usual there are lots of offers for every week. But what I love this from app is referral recharge. It offers Rs50 for each referral and also pays high for installing the apps listed in this Ladoo App. Genuine free recharge apps to android to earn free recharge.

Champcash Earn Money Free

Champcash is free recharge app pays only through referral. There is no downloading apps or other tasks to earn money. You will earn high free recharge for referral and you will earn Rs30-90 for each referral. You can also transfer the money directly to your bank and you can earn huge money through this android app.

Fokat Money- Free Recharge App

Fokat is also best Free Recharge App for Android. The app also works as same as other free recharge apps and it also pays I mean you can earn recharge by referring others and downloading apps. It also pays high recharge for referral with RS60 for each referral. You can also recharge directly for DTH account using this free recharge app.

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