10 Best Google Chrome Extensions 2016

Here, in this article am sharing the Best Google Chrome Extensions 2016. Google Chrome is the best browser for PC from last decades. It is officially handled by Google and fastest browser that I have ever known.  Google Chrome dominate world with its popularity I mean there are 30% of the internet users use it. There are thousands of plugin’s available in this browser and most of them are ultimate. Know, here we are sharing the best Chrome extensions. In order get all the benefits then you must choose all these extensions means you must add these all extension to your Chrome browser. Here we have some best sites like Best Sites to Download PC Games for Free for PC games, Best Sites to Watch TV Shows Online

So, you are going to use the most popular extensions and all of them are cool. Go and get them added to your chrome browser and here is the list best chrome extensions 2016.

Best Chrome Extensions

Best Chrome Extensions 2016

We have included the best Google Chrome extensions for students, privacy, security, adblocking and lot more things. Just look at the below list they are just amazing. Here are best sites list like Best Websites to Download Free Movies for movie downloading   Best Free Movie Streaming Sites to Watch Movies Online for free for online movies streaming Best Free Sports Streaming Websites for online streaming Free MP3 Download Sites   for mp3 downloading. You can also check check sites Best Torrent Sites and Best Free Recharge Apps for Android

Adblock Plus- Best Adblock Extension for Chrome 2016

Yeah, I know that feel bro. We want to download something or surf something then these pop up ads will always distracts you. So this is best extension for Google chrome to block these ads and help you to browse the internet fast. So below are the features of this extension.


  • Blocks most annoying pop-up ads.
  • Blocks anonymous ads and facebook ads too.
  • It also blocks ads like Autoplay Sound-Video playing and expanding ads and lot more I mean all ads.
  • Anti malware and keeps you protected.

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Pocket- Best Google Chrome Extension

If you are a student I mean reader then this best Google Chrome extensions will help you to read best websites and save them.  You can also read if you are in offline if you have saved it to Pocket. The pocket app is also available which works as same as this extension. The premium version of this app includes more features than this. Just check the features of this extension.

Pocket Features:

  • Very easy to save the articles quickly for offline I mean just with one click.
  • Using this app you can sync all platforms like Android, iPhone, and PC.

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Ghostery- Best Chrome Privacy Extensions for Google Chrome

As usual everyone wants to maintain their privacy and safe browsing in the Internet. This best chrome extension will completely help you to keep your all data safe. This extension has made to hide all information safe and private.


  • Using this extension you can block scripts, ads, documents that you find as harm.
  • As usual it is the king of all extensions while it take care of all extensions too while not be tracked your personal details.

Pushbullet- Best Extension for Google Chrome

Pushbullet is the ultimate extension that helps you to sync your computer with android phone. Using this freat extension you can share links, web pages or anything else between your PC and android phone. This is also one of the best Google Chrome extensions.


  • You can also see all notifications of your android phone in your PC.
  • You can also message to android phone with texting apps.
  • Easy user interface I mean you can share web page stuffs like these in one click to your android phone from PC.

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HTTPS Everywhere- Best Security Extensions for Google Chrome

You know that earlier Google has released that make your all sites HTTPS for HTTP for all websites to give more security to the browsers. This extension is also same you just need to add this best Google Chrome extension to your Chrome browser. Just look at the features. 20160748220


  • The most ultimate and advanced set up to make your browsing safe.
  • Easy to use and easy to block all HTTP websites with just one click.


As you know there are some schools, colleges and offices were blocks social networking sites. I mean to you can access those all site if those sites were blocked in your geographical area. In order to break those and use the social networking sites you just need to add this best chrome extension to Chrome browser. You can just access those sites with just one click.


  • It’s like VPN I mean virtual private network for fastest and safe browsing and access those all websites which are blocked in your geographical area.

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If you are weak in English, then this extension will completely help you. Using this best chrome extension you can correct your silly mistakes in English grammar. You can correct yourself by correcting silly mistakes like sentence formation, spelling mistakes and stuffs like these.


  • Checks contextually.
  • Checks grammar and spelling.
  • If you bought premium then you can check vocabulary and plagiarism.

Gmail Offline- Best Google Chrome Extensions 2016

This is purely for who use Gmail in daily. As the name tells you can use Gmail offline. Seriously! Yes. You can use it to download email when you are connected to the internet and after that you can read the emails for offline. This is also one of the best Chrome extensions in 2016.


  • You can save offline for one click.
  • Same great user interface.

Panic Button!

Panic! Looks cool, if you are browsing anything personal without knowing by anyone and you want that suddenly to close. I mean it’s purely for panic situation. It will help you completely to close all of the tabs you have opened in your browser. You have to just click button and close your tabs.


  • As I said one click to close all opened tabs.
  • Improves speed of the page option.

Final Say:

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