Top 10 Best Google Gravity Tricks 2016 are Crazy

So, we have back with an amazing article and it lists Google Gravity Tricks Codes. There are many people have been searching for it and here we made justice for them. Google Search Engine offers ultimate zero gravity tricks those will be created for entertainment purpose. So, I think you know about Google Gravity Tricks apart if you know or don’t know, here is my job to give the details. Google Gravity tricks are hidden features provided by Google and those are amazing tricks.

So these tricks are created by programmers as they contain javascript codes. Google Zero Gravity means the page content don’t have their own controls. These are totally surprising and crazy. These are checked sue to entertainment.  So check out this Top 10 Best Google Gravity Tricks


Top 10 Best Google Gravity Tricks

SO here are are the Top 10 Best Google Gravity Tricks

Google Guitar

Google Guitar is also a best google gravity trick will wonder you. As the name tells using this trick you can play guitar on Google page. It is like real guitar only and you can find various tones like original guitar. You can also record using record button which is also available for this guitar. You can listen to the guitar while playing the guitar.

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Google Gravity Underwater

This is alo another best Google Gravity Trick and you must try this one for craziness. This Google Gravity Fall trick or Google Zero Gravity is basically different from other tricks. It shows I mean Google page shows the plain white background and the background is filled with water. You can even also see fishes and some underwater things in this tricky Google Page. You can see movements of those fishes, water, plants and many more things inside water. It gives you crazy experience.

Google Space

Google Space is also a great Google Gravity trick it is like Google Anti-Gravity or Google Gravity Fall as you can see through this tricks the contents are looking like floating in the water. Actually there is no water it’s like movement of contents in zero gravity. You can also see search bar also floating in the page.

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DO A Barrel Roll In Google

Google Barrel is also one of the craziest and best Google gravity trick and it’s completely looks funny. The search results or the contents will make 360-degree rotation when you hovering mouse on it. You can do it by just searching ‘do a barrel roll’ only in Google Search. Then you can see the results will rotate in 360-degree and completely looks funny and crazy. Thus this is also one of the best Google gravity trick.

Google Tilt

Google Tilt is also a great Google gravity tricks which is too funny and make you surprised. It will tilt the results in Google page and also Homepage quietly. It is also a cool trick and in order to witness this trick you just need to search ‘Google Tilt’ in Google search bar.

Google Pacman

Pacman is also one of my favorite games and I still used to play this game. In recent times they have completed 30 years so as for the tribute, Google made a pacman game as a doddle and you can still play this as it is available. This is also one of the best google gravity tricks as you can play a game here. You must try out this trick if you want to regain your childhood.

Google Super Mario Brother Eater Egg Trick

Super Mario is the most popular game among all users so I think you all have player this game in childhood. It’s very interesting adventure game and most liked at that time. In recent times they have completed 30 years so as for the tribute, Google made an Easteer Egg for them. To check this funniest Google Gravity Trick you just need to search ‘Super Mario Brother’ in Google Search box. In a while you will get results and in the page you will find a brick with question mark same as in game. You just need to click on that brick and it will give you 200 points. So you can play Super Mario game here.

Rainbow Google

Rainbow Google is also a best Google Gravity Trick and which is ultimate as of my personal thought. It just simply turns the Homepage of the Google in to clolorful. It is also a different and smart Google Gravity Trick as the Homepage of the Google contains lots of colors. This makes you feel happy

Google Zero Gravity Fall                 .

This is one of the most popular Google Gravity Tricks and also most loved Google Gravity Tricks. As the name tells it is a zero-gravity surface. You can see all the contents like images, videos and many more things in Google Search Engine fall down to at the surface of the screen. This is completely entertaining and different as you look your queries in Google Search Engines are looks like funny.  You can also move the images, videos and many more things as your need

Google Sphere

This is the best and craziest Google Gravity Tricks and as it tells it makes all the contents in Google to circulate when you just hove you mouse over the content. You just need to try out this trick I mean this is the most crziy trick ever and named as toughest Google Gravity trick.

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