5 Best Internet Speed Test Sites 2016 for Accurate Results

In this article we are going to list 5 Best Sites to check your internet speed easily and properly. If you have doubt your Internet Service Provider then you want to check speed of your internet connection then this must for you. So, am here listing internet speed test sites those completely help you to check genuine speed of your internet. These all are best and most popular sites to check your internet speed.

So, here are those Best sites to check internet speed


Best Internet Connection Speed Test Sites

Then why are you waiting just check these all sites for internet speed test.


SpeedTest is remarkable and most commonly used site to check internet speed. Every internet user used to use this site to check internet speed and I think 90% of users use this site. This site is too easy to navigate and with beautiful design. You just need to visit the site and start testing with just clicking one button. There is no hard thing to use this site. Just go to Homepage of the site and there you will find the location of your device in the map and then you will see Begin test button. Then just click on that button and start begin testing. Then it will take some 10-15 seconds to show the results. It lists Download and Upload speed of your internet connection.  You can also use it in your smart phone by downloading the app on stores and available in all platforms.

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If you have bored with SpeedTest site if you want to use alternative then this site is for you. Speed.io is for you to give more alternative and accurate results. So, you need to visit the Homepage of this site and clock on Start Test to begin the test of your internet speed and it takes some long time to give your results. It actually takes some time to list the accurate data. Then you will get the results after the completion of test. The site looks very elegant and easy to use. The test data may varies from internet used by the applications, antivirus and many more. You have to make sure that you have connected to nothing then start testing your internet speed then only it gives the accurate results.

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Testmy.net is also best speed test for broadband. There are ultimate features are offered by this feature. The test type of this internet speed test site is amazing. Yes, because you can choose the type of speed test. I mean you can perform separate speed test for both uploading and downloading. This makes this speed testing site unique from all other sites. Apart from that you can also perform mixed test too means test internet speed of uploading and downloading at a time.

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If you are looking for fast testing site to check your internet speed then this is must for you. You can easily use this site to check your broadband speed. You just have to visit the Homepage of the site then you can see instructions to use the site and then you can begin your test by clicking on button given in the Homepage to begin the test. You just need to have Flash player installed in your PC in order to sue this site. Then it tests your internet speed and gives the results in next 10 seconds. It just checks the file size of your internet connection and then gives the accurate results.

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Bandwidth Place

Bandwidth Place is also a best site to check your internet speed. If you not impressed by all above then this must suits for you. You just need to visit the site and then you have to choose location, connection type and test type then you can easily check the speed of your internet connection. You can also enter the PIN of your area in the given box that helps you to find the server of bandwidth too fast. It takes very small time to check your internet speed like 2-3 seconds. So, this is the ultimate broadband or internet speed checker site right now. The site design is ultimate and easy to use and check your internet speed.

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