Best iOS Emulator for Android to run iOS Apps

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In this article New Tips Tricks is going to share Best iOS Emulator for Android. So, we all know there are two big mobile partners in the world. Know we are combining those in one platform only then here I love Android platform up course iOS is best one but it’s too costly. If we can’t but iOS device or from any other reasons we don’t have that but we still love to use it. Then here is the correct guide that can tells you about Best iOS Emulator for Android.

Now you can use any iOS features in your Android device only. I mean you can use any iOS apps, features and many more. As you know emulator means running another platform in same platform. So, here you need to know running iOS apps on Android device. I will explain you everything here about iOS Emulator fro Android. Now here we listed Best iOS Emulator for Android. Let’s check the details about it. As usual I said emulator is software which is used to get the features of another system in using system. As you know it enables to run software of other platform is your platform. So, as you know there are popular emulators like Bluestacks and Youwave which are used to run Android platform on Windows or Apple PC but here we are discussing about Best iOS Emulator for Android.

Best iOS Emulator for Android to run iOS Apps

iOS Emulator for Android:


Now here Android Device will be used to emulate iOS. So, here you have to use iOS Emulator application that is used to converts iOS apps to APK apps. So as we know iOS apps are not supports any other platform that’s why we have to use this iOS Emulator application. So we have found one best iOS Emulator application for Android and called as iEMU emulator. So you just need to know about the Requirements for iEMU Emulator for Android and How to Download and Install iOS Emulator? So then you need to check out them if you want to use iOS features on your smartphone.

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Requirements for iEMU Emulator for Android

  • You just to have Android Phone or Tablet with minimum 512MB ram and as because it’s heavy app then you just to have better Ram for you Android device. If you want to run best iOS emulator on your Android Phone then just go with minimum 512 Ram.
  • iEMU app requires 60MB free space on your Android device in order to install it I mean it acquires 60MB space on your Android device. Then it’s low when you are going to use best iOS emulator on your Android device.
  • This iOS emulator requires Android device with Androdi 2.3 or higher versions. I think you have android version better than this then use this use best iOS emulator on your Android device.

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How to Download and Install iOS Emulator?

  • You need to download and install iEMU apk file in your PC.
  • After downloading the iEMU apk file on your PC then transfer it to your Android device to File Manager then using the File Manager install the IEMU apk file on your Android device.
  • Just wait while the app installation being completes then the apk is installed on your Android Device with naming padoid. Now just click on that that icon that is displayed on your Android device and open it. That’s it now you are accessing iOS apps and tools in your android device.

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Features of iEMU Application:

  • As you know you can get access to all the features iOS in your android device.
  • Its supports almost all Gamepads
  • You don’t need to pay single penny to use this app.
  • The app doesn’t contain any threats like malware or viruses in it.


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