10 Best Proxy Server List to Access Blocked Websites In 2016

Today, am back with the one more interest list that helps you to surf the web anonymously. In this article am going to list best proxy server list. They are completely free to use and with good speed to surf. If you are landed in this page means you know everything about Proxy Server Lists but it’s my duty to introduce and explain about everything and here below I explained everything about these Proxy Server Lists. Proxy Servers those helps you to access blocked websites in your geographical area in case if it’s blocked and hide your IP address.

Benefits of Using Proxy Servers


  • In the case if your College/School administrator blocked sites like Youtube, torrents or any other sites then these will completely help you to access those websites.
  • If Social Networks like Facebook were blocked in your college or in your country then these will completely help you to unblock those websites.
  • Finally you can access any website that has been blocked in your area.

Know I will guide you How unblock block websites?

20 Best Free Proxy Server List to Access Blocked Websites- Free to use

Filterbypass.me- Best Proxy Server

Filterbypass is best proxy server in this list. It’s completely easy to use and free service. In the Homepage of this proxy server has the URL box then you need to enter the blocked website URL which you want to access. There are some other options to choose I mean you have to check those that’s your choice like allowing javascript, cookies and etc. Then you just need to click on surf button to access the website and now you are in the website. If you are using this proxy server then no ads will be displayed in the unblocked website. I recommend you this best proxy server.

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Proxysite.com- Best Proxy Server

Proxysite.com is also another best proxy server and best after Filterbypass and it is ultimate proxy server. The nice information is given in the website and really impressive and it completely helps you to access blocked websites and also helps you to surf anonymously. The proxy site lists the several servers in the website I mean I mean there are some other ultimate servers available in the site and if it’s didn’t work then you can use another. There are no ads in the site apart from some small ads and they didn’t destruct you. The best free proxy servers to use.


Unblocker.us is also best proxy server. You can access the blocked website through Homepage only. Thus you have to enter the blocked URL in the given box in Homepage of the proxy site and open the websites easily. You can easily get other proxy options that you want to check I mean allowing options like encryption. This site also blocks ads in site and displays. The best free proxy server and my favorite too.

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Youtubeunblockproxy.com is also best free proxy server list. As the name tells its popular proxy server to unblock youtube site. The site is also reliable and easy to use. It looks like complicated but very easy to use and gives best results. The URL box is given in the Homepage of the proxy server site and it is also same to sue you have to enter URL blocked website in given URL box. The ads from the site are irritating.

Proxy.org- Best Proxy Server 2016

Proxy.org is another unique free proxy server in this list. It has lot of free proxy servers available in the site and detailed information about the proxy servers. Then you can use any one of them and there is also proxy servers listed on sidebar of the site. You can use any one of them and I ever found the best proxy server from this site.

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Proxy.com is one ultimate proxy server from this list. The premium proxy servers from this list and you can also use this for free. The premium version of this proxy site is awesome which completely offers you best features. You can also get trail of this site and then you can decide whether use or not. You can use any one of the below versions like Basic free to use and Proxy pro for commercial use for paid service and last one Switchproxy for professional users.


Anonymouse.org is also best proxy server in 2016 and completely free. So, here we listed in the Top10. It is also best to use but it has some drawbacks. It is fastest proxy server and completely free to use. The drawback of the proxy server site is it doesn’t support https sites. If you also want to access https sites then you can use premium version of this proxy server.

KProxy.com- Totally Free Proxy Server

KProxy is another great proxy server which is completely free to use. You can easily use this website without any distractions I mean without advertisement. I always love to use this proxy server to access Youtube in my college and it works best. It has good speed and if you want free and speed proxy server without any distraction then it is completely for you.

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Dontleft.us is very easy to use and simple proxy server. There are no ads in the site as its ad free and there is no destruction from site. It’s sufficient to use and get access to those blocked websites. They will gives also options like other proxy servers enabling scripts and other options to access. I always love to use this proxy server.


Ninjalock.com is also one of the best free proxy servers from the list. It is too simple and easy to use. It has simple design and distraction free without ads. This proxy server site also provides URL box in the Homepage of the site and you just have to enter blocked site URL in the box and get access the site.

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