5 Best Torrent Clients to Download Torrent Files

Today, here we are sharing best torrent clients those making everyone to download any files like Games, Software’s, Movies and many more large files. So, here you need best torrent clients to download your needed stuff. As you know you can download anything without paying a single penny here. So, we are already shared Best Torrent Sites those are the platforms to download files using this clients. Here we have listed Top Torrent Clients in below list.

Top Torrent Clients:

Best Torrent Clients 2016

So, do you want to know more about torrent clients or just move on? If you are interested in reading the benefits and disadvantages of torrent clients then you can read here if you won’t then directly go to the list of Best Torrent software I mean scroll down. If you want enrich your knowledge then be with us we will reveal the some precious information about Top Torrent Clients.

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Introduction of Torrent and How did they Works?

Torrent Clients were introduced by Napster. These works on the peer-to-peer file share protocol and those are connected to the remote peers in to the internet to download torrent files.

Note: This is care for my readers these torrent files are also contains threats in the files so be careful while using this torrent software’s or sites. They can steal you information. The very truthful fact is they contain pirated files like new movies, Games and software’s and listing them is cyber crime.

Top Best torrent Clients for Windows, Mac, Linux

Utorrent- Best Torrent Software

Utorrent is the king of torrent clients. Utorrent is one of the best torrent clients 2016. Utorrent is my favorite torrent client and most popular torrent client. It is like if I found this symbol µ I call it as Utorrent. So, apart from these it has strong and unique features to like it. Utorrent is the most light weight software and low in size. It is comfortable in all platforms.  Look at the features of Utorrent below.

Features of uTorrent client:

  • Too low in size and requires low Ram or space in your system.
  • Supports both downloads .torrent and magnetic URL.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Fast download and upload rate.
  • Available on all platforms. Thus called as King of torrent clients.

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BitTorrent- Top Torreent Clients

BitTorrent works same as Utorrent and there is no difference between them. Btorrent symbol is β. That’s it. It also follows the same features like uploading speed, size and many more.

Bitlord- Best Torrent Software

Bitlord is a best torrent downloader other than above list. But it has unique features like password encryption, light weight and lot more. It is another great alternative for uTorrent. Bitlord only supports for PC and not for mobile devices. Otherwise it is great torrent software. Look at the features of BitLord.

Features of BitLord:

  • Low in size hence requires low Ram to run and low space.
  • It also supports downloads both for .torrent and magnetic URL.
  • Add private torrent files.
  • Password encryption for security.

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Transmission- Best Torrent Clients

Transmission is also one of the best torrent clients. It helps you to download large torrent files and requires low space in your device as it’s too small in size. It is also controlled by remotely with Web, PC or other devices. This is best torrent client for Ubantu. So, here are the features of Transmission torrent client.


  • Too small in size and hence requires low Ram
  • Supports all platforms like PC and Smart Phone.
  • It is also controlled by remotely with Web, PC or other devices.

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Vuze- Best Torrent Software

Vuze is also great best torrent software for downloading torrent files. It is the best alternative for Utorrent and it is also available in 3 formats I mean 3 versions, all are free. Vuze is also fastest torrent downloader. Here are those 3 versions.


Leap is specially designed for Windows users I mean it is only available for Windows users. It is fastest torrent downloader with light weight. Best alternative for Utorrent. The main advantage of this torrent is ad free.


Vuze is the top torrent client in these all 3 versions. This supports all Windows, Mac and Linux. This is best but it destructs you a lot from ads.

Vuze+- Advanced Torrent Client

Vuze+ is best torrent software in these 3 versions. There are infinite features available for this torrent client. But it not top in the list because of some disadvantages. It has inbuilt features like Antivirus, remote control and many more. This is completely ad free but you have to pay for it to use. It is more costly.

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