Top10 Best Torrent Sites 2016

Welcome to all New Tips Tricks readers and here we are sharing best torrent sites 2016 and to get exclusive wanted files at your PC. As you know torrent sites are used to share and download the large files easily and fast. You can download any files like Movies, Games and Software’s using these torrent sites. Actually torrent files are made for India. The movie will be leaked online through these torrent files and can’t be banned. As you know the most of downloads for new released movies by torrent files in India only. Apart from that torrents are talk of the town now and the mark µ is specially stands for it. As of know there are more than 200 million torrent users and got huge popularity. So here we shared top torrent sites. They are also the best torrent sites and have the big network among all over the world.

So, let’s look at the below list of best torrent download sites to download your favorite files. The below is the list of to torrent sites. Here is a best sites list like Best Websites to Download Free Movies for movie downloading   Best Free Movie Streaming Sites to Watch Movies Online for free for online movies streaming Best Free Sports Streaming Websites for online streaming Free MP3 Download Sites  for mp3 downloading.

Best Torrent Sites

Top Best Most Popular Torrent Sites 2016

So you are all ready to get your desired torrent site to download best torrent files. I already said there are lots of torrent sites available then you can get the best torrent download sites. I have listed them according to the popularity wise and you just check them below. You can also see the list of best sites like Best Sites to Download PC Games for Free for PC games and Best Sites to Watch TV Shows Online  

KickAss Torrent

KickAss is the best among all best torrent sites. KickAss is the good recognition among all torrent users. Fastest torrent site and provides only genuine files to download. KickAss has blocked lot of countries in order unblock this torrent in those countries you just need to use VPN service. Use the best VPN service to unblock this. KickAss is the best torrent site to download games and just go through this best torrent sites.

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The Pirate Bay-Top Torrent Sites to Download Anything!

The Pirate Bay is best torrent sites 2016. The oldest torrent site and lists Software, Games, Music, Movies in their site and largest site to have large database. Actually it supports piracy but SSL encrypted but helps user avaoid spam attacks. This one is the best torrent sites for Mac software. One of the top torrent download sites.

Extra Torrent- Best Torrent Sites for Mac Softwares

Extra Torrent is also top torrent website 2016. The site has the large files listed and has highest torrent files directory. The files Like Music, Movies, Software and many more things are heavily available in this site. The site also provides pirated movies and apps. So, the site is banned in some countries and you can access that website by anonymously by using some ultimate methods. This is best torrent site to download files.

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Torrentz- Best Torrent Site for Hindi Movies

Tottentz is another Best Torrent search engine. You can get torrent files easily here and the best feature of this Torrent site is provides similar types of files for searches if original not found. It also provides the details of the torrent site like size, Uploaded date, No of downloads and many more. You can also find huge list Hindi Movie torrent files and my favorite torrent site to download Hindi Movies. This is also best torrent site 2016.

EZTV- Best Torrenting Sites for TV Shows

EZTV is best torrenting site to download special and popular TV shows for free. You can download the torrent files without registering. This one is best torrenting sites for TV shows. You can go with this I mean this is the top torrenting sites 2016 list.

YIFY- Top Torrenting Sites 2016

YIFY is another best torrent file downloading site with large data base of torrent files. It is the new torrenting site and making huge noise from last year. It is most popular right now and favorite for all torrent lovers. It is also one of the safest torrent sites to download torrent files. One of the top torrent sites 2016.

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IsoHunt- Top Torrent Sites for Movies

IsoHunt another ultimate best torrenting sites using this site you can download favorite torrent movies. In the beginning days it was faced lot of problems and finally gets a valuable platform. Now, there is no problem with this torrent site and best torrent sites 2016. You can check this one. This site is clutter free and provides huge database of torrent files.

BitSnoop- Best Torrent Website 2016

Bitsnoop is another most popular and best torrent website 2016. Bitsnoop is ha millions of torrent files in its directory. The site is too safe to use and malware free site. It is also one of the safe torrent download site. It also removes the spam users those uploads the virus and malwares. It is also one of the top torrent download websites.

1337X- Best Torrent Download Sites 2016

1337X is one of the top torrent sites for movies and I always love to download movie torrent files with this best tottent sites. It also allows users to upload files in this site. It is the most popular torrent sites in UK if this torrent site is blocked in your area then you can use alternative method to access the site. It is one of the top torrent sites for movies. Once again I say top torrent sites 2016.

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Lime torrent another most popular and best torrent sites. It has been gaining more popularity in now days and has huge database of torrent files. One of the best and most desired safe torrent sites. You can download torrent files with URL or torrent client. You can also download the torrent files of books and top torrent sites for books. So, this is also best torrent download sites 2016.

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