How to Create Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Programs

So, here is the tutorial How to create your own Keyboard shortcuts for Windows Programs. There are many keyboard shortcuts are already available for your favorite programs but they are tricky and even too long to type and perform functions with short cuts. So, here we will share the guide to create short shortcuts with this amazing guide. So, these short keyboard shortcuts will help you to perform the functions very fast and work done. These shortcuts will help you to open the program, close the program and even perform the inner functions in your Windows PC.  Even you can create keyboard shortcut for text program. The method explained here is completely easy to perform and create your own keyboard shortcuts. So, as there are many methods to do this but here we have an easy method. So, here is the complete guide to create keyboard shortcut in your Windows PC. Create Keyboard shortcut for windows 7, 8, 8.1 and so on.


Create Your Own keyboard Shortcut for Any Windows Program

As we already said this method is so easy to creating your own keyboard shortcut for any Windows program. Then follow the step by step guide in order to create keyboard shortcuts for Windows programs. Even it helps you to create keyboard shortcut windows 10.

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Create Keyboard Shortcut Windows 7/8/8.1/10

  • First open your Windows PC and then stick to your Desktop in the Computer.
  • Now choose the program in which you need to creating and performing easy keyboard shortcuts.
  • Then right click on that program from the desktop and then click on that option called Properties.
  • Now you will find tab called Shortcut in that new dial box called Properties and click on that. Now you can see a shortcut key option where you can add your key which is already named as none.
  • Now you need to click on that box which is named as none. Now you need to choose your keyboard shortcut in order to perform a function in program. Then add your keyboard shortcut for the specific function.
  • Now you need to click on Apply button which is placed at the bottom of the dialog box then click OK to confirm that changes you have made and to complete the dialogue box. Like that add more keyboard shortcuts like that and perform every keyboard shortcuts and enjoy.

So, that was the guide to create your own keyboard shortcuts for Windows Programs. Then keep visiting our website in order to get some more exciting features.

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