How to Find IMEI Number of Lost Android Phone

You lost your Android Phone then what you need to do? You just need to find the IMEI number of your lost Android Phone. You need this IMEI number in order to register the police complaint or even you need it find out your lost Android phone. There are lots of methods to find the lost Android Phone with IMEI number but here we have mentioned an easy method to find it. If you are used Google Account or sign in for Google Account using lost using Android Phone then it’s pretty easy to find the lost Android Phone. Here you just need to sign in for the same Google Account then there is procedure to find lost Android Phone. It’s too easy to track lost phone using imei number.

Now you need to follow the below guide carefully in order to find the IMEI number of your lost Android Phone even they are simple steps too. There is a simple guide that takes only two minutes and it’s not hard for the people. So, if you were not checked the IMEI number of your Android device then this is the perfect guide for you. So, here is the possible guide for you guys to check the IMEI number of your Android Phone. Then simply follow the step by step guide.


Recover or Find Your Android Mobile IMEI Number

Find IMEI Number of Lost Android Phone

So, here is the first procedure to start with then follow the steps carefully as they are too easy to perform. So, check your IMEI number of Android Phone.

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Google Dashboard IMEI Number

  • So, you need to have any internet browser on your Android Phone like Opera Mini, UC Browser, Google Chrome or any other default browser offered by Android phones.
  • Now you need to go to the Google Settings Dashboard I mean you need to visit the following website. Google Dashboard
  • Then here is the actual guide just Find IMEI number here.
  • Now you need to sign in for your Google Account using your email id and password that you were used to create account. Now you will see the options as below.
  • Now you will find the option called Android in that Dashboard and you need to click on that.
  • Then you will see you will see the total information about your Android device there including mobile number. You will see the IMEI number, model number of your Android Phone, mobile number and many more information regarding your Android Phone. Then write down that IMEI number. That’s it.

This was the guide how to get imei number from Google Account.

Even you can find out the IMEI number in your present in your Android Phone and make sure this never happen.

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Find My IMEI Number Lost Phone


  • Just go to the Phone app in your Android device. Then dial the number *06# in your Android device. Then it will display the IMEI number of your Android device then note down the number and keep it safe to avoid further problems.

Even you can find the solution for How to get imei number lost mobile using sim card in our next guide.

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