6 Ultimate Solutions to Force Quit Mac Programs

Yes. We completed 100 posts in New Tips tricks and this is milestone for us. Apart from us here we are again came with another amazing guide that helps you to force to quit on Mac. So, here are the 6 methods those will teach you a unique and easy way to force to quit Mac. So the complete guide will guide you force to quit any program in Mac in 6 different ways. You just need to follow simple methods if you not know lot about Mac. So you need the guide and I am here for your reference. Please make sure that you have to read carefully. I already faced same issue few days back and I have to get the solution for it. Not an issue but issue with my applications those I want to quit. So finally found an answer for all of this and here I want to share with you to get rid of those non responding programs or applications in your Mac. If you are not unable to open or close the app then this is the guide for you quit the app. So if you wanted to quit the app then follow these 6 methods to quit the app. This guide includes 6 methods with researched over the internet and listed here. These are too easy methods chosen by me and some of experts


6 Different Methods to Force Quit Mac Programs

.So, let check this or follow this guide to Force to Quit Mac Programs.

Force Quit Application in Mac

So this is the first method that I am sharing with your guys. This is the easiest method to force to quit an application on Mac OS then you can even quit the application if it’s running too. You might know this or not but here am sharing with you in full details. This guide is done with even few clicks.

You can find a pre installed or in built program called Force Quit Application in Mac. So from this you can easily solve this issue of programs. Then How to Launch Force Quit Application then here is the exact method.

You can easily open it by pressing “Command+ Option+ Esc”. After launching the application you find the list of applications those you have installed in your Mac. Then you can also find “Force Quit” button simply below the programs. Then find the program that has an issue or that you want to quit and select the program and click on “Force Quit” button. SO after click on this Force Quit button the program will quit. So this is the easiest method to quit the application on Mac.

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Quit Application with Terminal

This is also easiest method if you know command then you can easily follow this and will find the solution to quit the application in Mac. You can easily make it as it is not tough though. This guide is to force to quit application using Mac with the terminal. So follow these steps.

In the first step you just need to open the Terminal if you don’t then open the Terminal from the Applications> Utilities> Terminal.So after launching Terminal then you have to use the command to force to quit on Mac. So, here you can use two commands to force to quit an application in Mac.

1>Killall [processname] : Example killall Google Chrome

2> Kill-9 [pid]: Input kill- 9 program id.

So, these are the command that you need to use to force to quit the running application.

Force Quit a Program on Mac From Menu

This method is used to quit a program on Mac from Menu. You can do this method by just clicking few keys on your keyboard to quit the applications those are not responding and shave an issue. Then follow the below steps to perform it easily.

If you are running an application in your Mac right now then if it’s not responding then you can do this force to quit on Mac by using Menu. Simply Press and Hold “Shift” button for few minutes until the screen appear. Now you just need to click on “Apple Logo” and then you will find an option called “Force Quit” with program name. It will be like “Force to Quit Microsoft Word” if you are using Microsoft word. That’s it you have done this too.

Keyboard Shortcut for Force to Quit

This method is so simple and easiest method. As I said you just need to use some keys to force to quit any program on your Mac. Yes there is keyword shortcut for force to quit any application on Mac if you are thinking about it. So here is the keyword shortcut that is used to force to quit any program on Mac. Command + Option + Shift + Esc so you just need to press these keys in order to quit any application on Mac. There is one more thing you just need to hold these keys until the program quit. That’s it so simple.

Force to Quit Application from Activity Monitor

Activity monitor is like Task Manager in Windows which is used to close or quit the application in Mac OS. You can easily force to quit any application with this method. This is so simple and this method might know by the basic user or if you don’t know then simply follow the below steps.

How to Force to Quit Application from Activity Manager

Here is the guide How to force to quit on Mac from Activity Manage and just simply follow the steps.

  • Just open Activity Manager on your Mac.
  • Now select the program or application that you want to force to quit.
  • Then after selecting the application or program you will see a pop-up screen and you will see Force to quit button then simply click on that button.
  • That is you have done force to quit using Activity Manager on Mac.

Force Quit A Program From Dock

This is an easy method that anything else to force quit the application on Mac OS. Here you can force quit any program or software from the Dock. Just right click on the program which you want to force quit then press option key. In the next step you will get option menu after click on option. Here in the option menu, you just need to click on force to quit. That’s it, you have successfully force to quit the program on Mac.

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