Top 5 Free Best Call & Text Blocker Apps For Android Phone to Block Calls and SMS

In this article here am listing Free Best Call & SMS Blocker Apps for Android Devices.  The apps will helps you to block unwanted Calls and SMS. So, as you know smartphones and internet gone wider and due to this spam has been developed in large point. So, how we get into spam? So, in order to download some entertaining apps for smartphones we need to enter our email address and phone number and these will be hacked by business purposes and we get into trouble by spam business messages and calls by filling your phone. Apart from these you can also get phone calls and sms from unknown numbers and telemarketers in order to get rid of it you need to use these call and Text blocking Android app because you are an android user.


Best Call and Text Blocker Apps for Android Device

If you are irritating from spam and unknown Calls and SMS then here are the best apps to block them. So, these Android Call and Text blocking apps will completely help you to block spam Calls and SMS permanently. I shared 5 Best Call Blocking apps and all of them are available free on Google Play Store.

So, here we are picked some best and popular android apps those are genuine and block unwanted wrong call and SMS. So, finally you need to use Android apps to block Calls and SMS then here are the best Call & SMS Blocker Apps for Android Devices.

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Best Free Call Blocker Apps for Android Phone

So, here is the list of Best Call and SMS Blocker Apps to block spam calls and SMS. Just solve your problem.

Mr.Number- Best Call and SMS Blocker App

Mr.Number is also a popular and most known app Block Calls, Texts| Best Call and SMS Blocker. Its paid and genuine app which gives free 20 caller look ups. It automatically blocks span messages and calls. First it scans your call logs and sms of spam then it will block them. You can also create blacklist and let to know by Mr.Number and block it. You can also warn unknown callers with this android call blocker app. You can freely download it form Google Play Store.

Call Blocker Free Call Blocker App

Call Blocker is also a best android app to block calls and SMS those disturb you always. It also supports native languages like Chinese, Hindi and Spanish languages. The special feature of this app is blacklist and which create list and block the messages and calls. It also has some special features called spam SMS blockage and auto SMS response. You can freely install this app from Google Play Store. The app is too small in size and requires low space on your Android Phone.

Call Blacklist- Best Call Blocker for Android

Call Blacklist is also most popular and best android app to block unwanted calls and SMS. This app is installed millions of times in Google Play Store. It also helps you to create blacklist of numbers those you want to block permanently. This call locker app is lightweight I mean small in size and requires low space in your device. If you want to trace is the app blocked calls then enable notifications of disable. You can block calls and messages from list of contacts.

Truecaller- Call Block App

Truecaller is also a best and ultimate android app to block unwanted calls and SMS. Using this Truecaller app you can block all telemarketing phone calls and SMS those disturb you always with spam messages and calls. You just install it from Google Play Store and register to Truecaller service to use it. You can also find the owner of the number using this android app. Apart from that you can also list called blacklist to list of blocked calls and SMS then white list that lists unblocked numbers. It only identifies the number if it has its database. It has large data base of caller names and they identify on these details.

Call Control- Call Blocker App

Call Control is also a best call blocking apps for android and it is very useful. Using this Call Control android app you can block calls and text messages easily. The app is high rated and installed by millions of people in Google Play Store. It can automatically block robocalls, spammer call and their messages.

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