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Is there more irritating and annoying thing is in the world other than Unwanted Emails?  OR the span mail always disturbs you. In this guide I am going to reveal the trick, using that you can block unwanted emails. So let start the guide that ends in two minutes. Hope you all are receiving ultimate guides from my Brand New Tips Tricks.



Block Unwanted Emails from Your Mail Account

Just follow the below guide to Block Unwanted Emails for Yahoo. Then let start follow these simple methods.

Block Unwanted Emails for Yahoo

Block Unwanted Emails for Yahoo and this is the easiest guide than Gmail.

  • Go to your Yahoo Account I mean Log in to Yahoo.
  • Click on option placed at the right top corner.
  • Then the drop down menu appears then select more option from it.
  • Then the process goes same here as in Gamil. In the left panel select or click on the Filters
  • Then click on Create or Edit Filters.
  • Then click on Add.
  • In the next screen you have to name the filter in the From Header and just enter the email address from which you are getting spam emails.
  • It’s quite simple if you want to delete unwanted emails from specific website then just enter the domain name or from emails then add email address then select the option Move the message to: Trash and then click on the save changes. That’s it you have done it.


The ever easiest method is here and just read. Step by step guide to block unwanted emails from Gmail.

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Block Unwanted Emails for Gmail

Here the guide starts:

  • Go to your Gmail Account I mean log in to Gamil Account.
  • Click on the Settings, the button which is at the top right corner.
  • Then Click on Filters. Then you will see an option Create a new filter then select it I mean click on it.
  • Now you got the “From” field. This is most important just check from which Email Address you are getting spam mails.
  • If you want to block some emails from some specific website then you can also block the mails from specific website. You have to use the syntax to block unwanted emails. I mean if the domain of the website is then you have to add the syntax * in the form field, as you previously added email in the field. That’s it now the unwanted or spam mails from websites will be blocked.
  • Then you can select the Delete it button means to delete the existing emails in your inbox. In case, if you don’t want to unblock the emails from those emails or websites then you just have to delete that filter you have created.


Block Unwanted Emails for Hotmail

Here is the guide to block unwanted Emails from Hotmail:

  • Go to Your Hotmail Account.
  • Then click on the Option placed at the top-right corner.
  • Then the drop down menu
  1. A drop down menu appears now just click on more options.
  2. Now just Click on Safe and blocked senders and then link it under Junk Email.
  3. Now just click on Blocked senders.
  4. Then type email id or domain name to block unwanted emails.


That’s it. If you have any confusion, suggestion or queries regarding this post you can express through comments using below form.

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