How to Delete Kik Account within Minutes- Perfect Guide

How to delete Kik Account

In this article we are sharing the tutorial to Delete Kik Account. Kik is the biggest messenger app which stands after Whatsapp and Balackberry. Kik was founded for smartphones and begin to rule from the beginning and it succeeded and gain popularity within short period of time. There are millions of people using this because of its unique features but there are some drawbacks and restricts because of those we just need to delete that account from your phone. Deleting the kik account is an easy method which can be done within minutes but one thing here we can share is there are different methods for PC and smartphone to delete that account. Here we shared the both the methods.


These methods are simply explained and done within minutes and understandable.

The biggest answer needed for all kik users is to delete kik account within minutes. As most of the guys were not liked kik account as there are many reasons for it but here you just need to find the solution for this problem. There are many persons like they even don’t like Facebook, Whatsapp and  many more things and now you here disappointed with Kik account or for many other reason, apart from that here we will share you a genuine methods to delete Kik account.


So, don’t wait, here are those methods to delete Kik account from your PC, Laptop and smartphone.

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Delete Kik Account

So, here are two complete methods those will help you How to Disable Kik account or to delete kik account from your smart phone. Then don’t wait learn and try these methods to delete your kik account on smart phone. Apart from that you can easily do these things in couple of seconds.

How to Disable Kik Account from Smart Phone

  • In the first step, you just need to open Kik in your smartphone and then go to settings.
  • After that you need to tap on your Account.
  • In that you have to find the option called Reset Kik. So, after that you just need to click on that Reset Kik option and then you need to enter your Email address in given box and click enter.
  • Go to your email inbox and check for Kik email.
  • Then open that mail and look for the link called Deactivation.
  • Then click on that Deactivation link and click on Go by entering your email address. That’s it.

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2nd Method

Here is another fastest method to delete kik account in your smartphone.

  • Go to Kik account deactivation page.
  • So, now it asks for email address and then you need to enter email address in provided box.
  • Then click on GO option.
  • After that you will find text shows that Configuration sent.
  • Then open your mail inbox and find their email and go to the link in the mail called delete kik account, that’s it.

Delete Kik Account from PC/Laptop

Deleting Kik account from Samrtphone is the easiest thing but when it comes to PC it’s too easiest thing. So, here is that one and only method to delete Kik account from your PC.

  • Go to Kik account deactivation page.
  • So, now it asks for email address and then you need to enter email address in provided box.
  • Then click on GO option.
  • Now you have received the mail from Kik app.
  • In that mail you can see a link called delete Kik account and then click on it.

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