How to Import DSLR Camera Images to iPhone or iPad

How to Import DSLR Camera Images to iPhone or iPad


In this article we are going to guide you going to guide you How to Import DSLR camera Images to iPhone or iPad? If you are finding for the solution to this question then you are landed at the correct position now and the guide that I am guiding is requires only two minutes of reading and explained in the simple manner. You need to have Lightning SD Carder in order to perform this trick.

how to import dslr camera images into iphone or ipad

This tutorial is supported only for iOS 9.2 and upper versions and not for below than that. So we can start writing on new trick related to iPhone and iPad.  So let the tutorial start and get in.

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Import DSLR Camera Images to iPhone or iPad

Below explained guide is too simple and follow those steps to get import DSLR camera images to iPhone or iPad. Then directly go to the steps and let me explain the things.

  • In the first step itself you need to take out the SD card from your DSLR camera and insert it into Lightning to SD Card reader.
  • After that connect the adapter to your iPhone and iPad.
  • After this all if the folder opens up automatically I mean photos if not then open it yourself.

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  • Now you have to tap on Import tab then you have to tap on Import all I mean you can copy all the things, if you want to select then select and then tap on Import button.
  • Here is the last step that you need to perform. No nothing you were done it will ask you to keep the imported files on your SD card or want to remove from SD card. You can make your choice.
  • That was it, remove your iPhone or iPad and start using DSLR Camera images in your iPhone or iPad.

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Final Say:

This is all about adding DSLR Camera images to your iPhone or iPad. Start using and enjoy. Hope you enjoyed the article and if you find any suggestion regarding this article you can suggest me through comment using below form. If you have any confusions or queries regarding this article then you can ask through that comment using below from and I will reply to it within 24hours.

Feel free to ask and don’t hesitate to ask.

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