How to Increase Text Size on Android Phone

How to Increase Text Size on Android Phone

In this article we are guiding you How to Increase Text Size on Android? Small text always disturbs you when you are reading text messages or emails. Sometimes if you have eye contact problem then you have to select Large Fonts in order to read it well and understand.

In the case if you are irritating with these with these small texts then you are landed in the correct position to get the guide in the correct path. There are many ways to increase text size on your Android phone but here am explain two simple guides that take two minutes to each. There are lots of problems occurs for Text as you can’t read messages, emails or cant surf internet and anything else. This guide also helps those have weak eye sight. It really helps you to those and here I explain you the complete manner and don’t worry here my text is quite large to read.

The below step by step guide will explain you How to increase Text Size on Android Phones? Just two more minutes top know the guide then don’t wait here and wait to read.

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Increase Text Size on Android:

How to Increase Text Size on Android Phones

There are two methods to increase text size in Android Phone. lets look at the first one.

Increase Text Size on Android Phone

The below guide is too easier one and takes two minute to perform in your  Android phone. The guide here is explained will let you know How to increase text size on your android phone? Just two miutes.

Increase Text Size on Android Phone: Easy Method

  • First open your Android phone then in the Home Screen tap on Settings.
  • Then you have to select Display option.
  • In that option you have to select Font Size.
  • Then a new popup menu will appear in that you will find different font sizes.
  • If you want really big Font Size as text size in your android mobile is too small then choose
  • That was it. The first method ends here and it’s too easy.

There is another method to increase text size on your android phone and it’s too easier than first one.

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Increase Text Size on Android Phone:

It too simple guide than the first one just check this one I mean few more taps on your android phone will solve your problem completely.

In the first step, just open your android Home Screen.

  • Then tap on Settings and then scroll down and choose Accessibility.
  • Then you have to go to Large Text I mean tap on Large Text option.
  • Large Text option helps you to increase text in your Android phone.
  • That’s it.

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Final Say:

This was guide about How to  increase text size in your Android phone? Just try it and enjoy. If you have any suggestion regarding this article you can openly say that through comments using below form or if you have any queries or confusions regarding this guide then you can ask them through comments using form provided below and we will reply to it within 24hours.

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