How to Launch Android Apps from Sidebar


In this article we article going to guide you How to Launch Android Apps from Sidebar? Now you can launch apps from anywhere in the sidebar and here we are guiding you launching android apps? Launching apps from android sidebar is look s pretty cool and as you can see the left slider on your android phone sidebar and its ultimate launching apps from sidebar.

This guide is you guys only, who looking for these features to be added on your Android phone. The step by step guide will explain you How to launch android apps from sidebar using this feature. Follow these steps to get this guide in right manner.

how to launch android apps from sidebar

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Launch Android Apps from Sidebar:


Here is the guide that you have to follow to Launch Android Apps from Sidebar. Then don’t waste the time just follow the below guide and it will take only two minutes to read out this. Only some more steps.

  • In the first step itself, you need to download and install app called Glovebox on your Android device from Google Play Store directly.
  • After installing this app, launch it on your android device. Then welcome screen appears then keep on sliding those screens till they get complete. Then you will come to app home screen then tap on + button placed at the right top corner.
  • Now, you got all the list of apps those you have installed in your android device.
  • Then add the apps that you want to see in the sidebar and add one by one by selecting them. I mean select those apps that you want to launch from sidebar.
  • Now the select app list will be on the home screen of Glovebox app. Now, you have to full the slider from left and then you will find that your android device containing selected apps from sidebar I mean you can see that you have added.

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