How to Make a Conference Call on Skype

How to Make a Conference Call on Skype


In this article we are going to guide the trick that is really helpful Skype users. The trick is How to make a conference call on Skype? Skype is the most popular Video and Audio calling software for all users. The most loved and best software for all family users to stay connected with their families even they can connect anywhere in the world. It is most loved software because of its privacy and no spam. Here i also shared a trick How to Record Skype Video and Audio Calls During Call.? 

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What is Conference Call?

how to make conference call on skype
Conference call is connecting more than one person in a call with different devices. Then all the persons were connected through same call.

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Conference is a call almost used by business persons and busy persons and if it on Skype then think about it. If you connected with all of your friends in a video call then think about how crazy it will be. If you don’t know, how to make a conference call on Skype then don’t worry about here is the simple guide using this you can make conference call with your friends and family or with any person. There is no charge applicable for these calls and trick worth only two minutes and after this two minutes you will got to know about conference call. Making a conference call in Skype is quite easy and tricky. Then let start the guide. The guide goes step by step and make sure that you are following this.

Make a Conference Call on Skype:


Then follow the below guides to make a conference call on skype.

  • Download and install Skype and if you have already then launch it by sign in to your account.
  • Then select any contact either it might be your friend or family.
  • You find the option called Video Call Button after selecting contact then click on Video Call button.
  • After that during the video call, just click on the blue plus icon and after clicking on it now click on the Add People to This Call option.
  • Now that’s it! You can add more people I mean contacts that how many people you want in a conference call.
  • I said just two minutes and you are done.


Final Say:


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