How to Re-Order Clock Faces on Apple Watches

How to Re-Order Clock Faces on Apple Watches

This article I mean I will guide you to Re-Order Clock Faces on Apple Watches. You want to re-order your clock faces on your Apple Watch. It means arranging your Apple Clock Faces. iPhone has doesn’t has this feature but am sharing the guide you can perform this anyway.  It will completely help you guys and the guide is explained in simple manner.

It looks complicated but it’s very easy in order to perform this trick. So, here is the simple step by step guide that will explain you How to Re-Order Clock Faces on Apple Watch?

How to Re-Order Clock Faces on Apple Watches

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How to Re-Order Clock Faces on Apple Watches?

  • In the first step, you need to list all the Clock faces I mean that you have to arrange the clock faces in order that you want.
  • Now Press Firmly the Clock Face to get the options and after that you have to swipe to right until you will receive Plus Button then after getting it Click on it.
  • After all this use Digital Crown to select the Crown Face I mean select the which you want and ten you need tap on the Clock Face and set it. Now do the same for all clock faces and arrange in order.
  • Now you have arranged all clock faces in order. If you want to delete the set and re order again. That was the guide and you are done.

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