How to Read Emails on Apple Watch

In this article we are guiding you How to read emails on Apple Watch? Apple made it easy for all and you can do anything on Watch. When it was established that Apple is going to develop the watch and all were like what they do with that watch? But the watch made a huge impact on market and increased the whole Apple market too.

You can do anything on this Apple watch like reading messages, play music, call, read emails and lot more. If you are busy and you want to your Emails to be read and the Apple Watch is the best thing to help you. You can just open the watch and read your emails and you might be anywhere. You want to read emails on your Apple Watch? Then here is the complete procedure with step by step guide to How to read emails on Apple Watch? Then just follow this guide.

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how to read emails on apple watch

Read Emails on Apple Watch


So, the guide starts here and you need to follow all the steps carefully in order to get the complete guide correctly. You will get your solution in next two minutes and now, it doesn’t take much time and just follow the steps.

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  • In the first step, now you have to launch Apple Watch on your iPhone.
  • Then, you have to tap on My Watch tab.
  • In the next step, tap on Notifications.
  • Then you will find a Mail option just tap on that.
  • Then, you need to tap on Mirror iPhone and to use the same notification on both.
  • Then you just need to tap on Custom and then tap on Tap on Inbox which you want to enable then toggle Show Alerts to on and Toggle on Sound or Haptics.
  • The guide is quite lengthy then you have to repeat the same steps for each and every inbox.
  • Now the process in Apple watch is just over, then it’s on Apple Watch.
  • Then you have to take Apple Watch and just tap on the Digital Crown.
  • Now, tap on Mail icon.
  • Then you have inbox on your mail option and tap on any email that you want to read and there are many options available like mail tap, firm the mail, Trash, Unread, and Flag option.

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That was it! Now it’s all over.

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