How To Remove, Uninstall Default Apps From Android


In this guide am going to guide you How to Remove, Uninstall Default Apps from Android? Yeah I know you cannot find solution for yourself to Remove, Uninstall Default Apps from Android. Then this is the perfect guide for you. There are ultimate preloaded apps available in Android mobiles but all are not ultimate there are some apps those not useful for you. Then just want to remove them as they are occupying lot of space in your android phone and you want to install some ultimate apps available in app store. You can free up space in your mobile by just uninstalling them then they are occupying unnecessary memory. It also helps you to speed up your android phone process.


Remove System Apps From Android:

There are some methods by using them you can disable apps but you cannot remove or uninstall the apps. You can disabled these preloaded apps through System Setting > Manage Apps [Application Manager]. Then still you are not satisfied and you just want to get rid of these apps then just read this guide of 2 minute and you will find an ultimate solution for ‘How To Remove | Uninstall Default Apps From Android Phone’.

Here we go with solution step by step there are lots of advantages by removing default apps from your android phone and let start with the ultimate solution and read it out How To Remove | Uninstall Default Apps From Android Phone’.

How to Remove Default Apps from Android:


Here is a method that doesn’t take much time and perfectly works. If you want to remove or uninstall apps from your phone then you should root your android phone. There is only one method to remove your apps from your phone. You just have to copy your newly installed apps and files that you don’t want to delete then just copy them to another disk or wherever you want and then root your android device. You have to be very careful while doing this for just doing this you will lose your data just careful. If your mobile is new and had only pre loaded apps and not more than that then you don’t need to worry just go through this. You can’t remove by just doing this there is some more work to do to completely remove default apps from android.

Here are the apps those are used to remove default apps on android phone


System App Remover:

                     System App Remover is the most popular default apps remover tool famous among all android users. This app is completely available for free in Google Play Store. It provides system app remover and user app uninstaller. It also provides some great features like move app to SD card, Move App to Phone.

Root App Delete:

Root App Delete is also one of the best android apps to uninstall system apps from android device. You can only uninstall system apps for rooted android devices and you can get it freely from Google Play Store. it supports almost all android operating systems.

Final Words:

I really mentioned the best method to Remove or Uninstall Default [Preoaded] Apps From Android Phone. I believe that you found an ultimate solution. Any suggestion or queries regarding this guide are openly posted through comments by using below form. Stay connected to get some more ultimate tricks.

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