How to Rename your Apple TV

In this article, am going to discuss about the topic How to Rename your Apple TV? If you are looking for adding new name to your Apple TV then this is the best guide for you and you are landed in correct page. Apart from saying that the guide is tricky, you can find yourself to rename your Apple TV. The guide here am talking about is in your TV guide only, if you can’t find it then find it here. As you want to change your Apple TV name by your name or something and it something interesting change your name.

As I said there are many people don’t know many tricks from Apple TV? Then this trick is very easy. The guide is explained here is very easy and explained in simple manner. It’s cool to change your Apple TV name but you don’t know the guide then therefore, I written this guide.  The below step by step guide will explain you How to rename your Apple TV? Don’t waste your time just follow the guide.

How to Rename your Apple TV

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Rename your Apple TV:

So, here is the guide that explains you to rename your Apple TV. There is nothing to talk about the guide as its take two lines to explain and two minutes to perform.

  • In the first step, go to Settings of your Apple TV.
  • Then you have to select Airplay I mean tap on that and select Apple TV name from there.
  • As you can select pre-made name from Apple TV or you can select Custom Name to name as your choice.
  • Then write the name that you want to give the name for your Apple TV and then you have tap on Done.
  • That was it.

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