How to Send GIF Images in Messages on Facebook

Hello, all New Tips Tricks readers and welcome again to our blog. In this guide we are going to guide you How to send GIF images in message on Facebook?  There is all in all in Facebook and its going to be social network come search engine? Ha, ha.

What you say about that? Apart from joking, Facebook is the used for almost all like sending messages, images and videos. But here the problem is How to send GIF images in messages on Facebook? Here is the guide that explains you to send GIF or animated GIF images in messages on Facebook. It’s really nice when you send animated messages on fb. It’s like a small video and it is good send loved ones for sending birthday wishes, sorry messages and lot more. You can send them anyone in your friend list and you can also find huge list of GIP images out there.

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How to send GIF images on Facebook

So, here is the trick that explains you How to send GIF  in message FB?  The trick is mentioned in simple manner and the step by step guide will explain you all the things easily. Just check it out.

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Send GIF Images in Message on Facebook:


The trick here it is explained will be take two minutes to perform and if you read and done it carefully then it’s all over. Then, don’t waste the time just follow the guide.

  • Just sign in to your Facebook account.
  • Now open any chat within your friend circle I mean click on the person whom chat previously and whom you want to send GIF images.
  • Then you have to click on GIF button for chat box menu and then you have to select any of the GIP images that you want to send.
  • You can also search the GIF image that you want to send and that’s it. It’s all done.

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