How to Unlock your SIM Card Through PUK Code

Unlock your SIM card Through PUK code: In this article we are going to share some valuable information among all mobile users. There are different mindset people out there we can’t read all minds and am sharing the information to users who care about their phone privacy to just by doing some simple steps. You just have to add security code that is provided through your SIM. There are lots of reasons that you lose your PUK code and there are also lots of things that your phone is locked due to uncertain reasons. The phone asks for a PUK code to unlock your mobile phone and you will put some 4 codes and the SIM will be blocked. If there asked for PUK code not need to worry here we are sharing the information to get PUK code. Let’s check this guide to get to know about How to unlock your SIM card Through PUK code? You can also Trace a Mobile Number if you have lost it.




What is PUK code and How to Use it?

PUK code contains 5 numbers and it stands ‘Personal Unlocking Key’. It is a security code which protects your SIM. You can use it whenever your SIM asks to enter PUK code. You can use it for many purposes and it will be used for net connections like 4G Wi-Fi Hotspots, if you are getting any problem connecting internet then you can use it. Let see the guide step by step How to unlock your SIM card Through PUK code.

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Unlock SIM card Via PUK code:

Now you locked your SIM card, however you are locked you can’t make any functions related to your SIM like call or SMS.

  • Now you just have to leave the phone as it is and remove the SIM card from your phone and note down the 18 digit number on anywhere. It is the SIM card number of your SIM and the number may varies from different operators.
  • Then call to customer care with different SIM with same operator.
  • Here we are sharing some mobile operator’s numbers

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Airtel – 198, Vodafone- 198, Idea- 12345, DoCoMo- 111 or 121, Reliance- *333, BSNL- 1503 and finally Aircel-121

  • Let ask for Customer care for PUK code of your locked SIM and they will ask you to verify the ownership of SIM and you just need to tell the Mobile number, SIM number and the name of SIM owner.
  • If the details are verified, then they will give you the operator code. Note down it.
  • Enter the PUK code and your SIM is unlocked and enjoy.

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Hope you enjoyed this article if you are getting any problem with your device then you can share it. I will found a solution and write on it. Enjoy by unlocking your SIM card. Any suggestion or queries regarding this article are openly posted through comments using below form.

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