4 Best Methods to Bypass Online Surveys for Free 2016

How to Bypass Online Survey

In this article here we are sharing best 4 methods to bypass annoying online surveys. While we are surfing through some websites and downloading needed things we will find annoying online surveys has to be completed to do your work. They all are locked with these online surveys so we have to bypass these online surveys. Now here I have listed best 5 methods to bypass online surveys for free. As you know they are locked due to earn some click and due to that they will get huge revenue. It is none of our business we just have to stick out of that annoying thing. So just follow the below method to get to know how to skip online surveys. There are ultimate methods to bypass online surveys. So let know them and get best methods to bypass online surveys for free without any problem.

There are some spam online surveys those completely stole your personal details so be care with your online information and to avoid those you just need to try this out.  Is that I really wanted to say you are landed because of this that and nothing works. I don’t want to wait our readers or else you can skip and directly go to the main article by scrolling down. I thought you found something great reading this introduction and answer to your own question How to bypass surveys to download or even bypass internet surveys. These are the genuine and working methods and it’s my job to say that they works or not.


There are popular sites Fileice, Clean files and Dollar Upload I mean survey sites and these are the major online survey sites and here we are sharing extraordinary stuff to bypass these online survey sites. There are many other sites too but here are shared most known.

4 Best Methods to Bypass Online Surveys

Lets check the websites to bypass online surveys.

Use Websites to Bypass Online Surveys


Surveymasher.com is the most popular website and this site you can easily bypass online surveys. This site is completely dominating other websites by its 100% timing and work method. It bypasses online surveys easily and it unlocks the sites those contains online surveys and blocks or locks the online surveys.

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Surveybypass.com is established website and genuine website to bypass online survey without any hassle and you can bypass online surveys within seconds and easy to use. It blocks the online surveys and also locks the online surveys on the sites. This is the way it bypass online surveys.

There are also some other websites to bypass online surveys:



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Software to Bypass Online Surveys

This is the one and only ultimate software to bypass surveys easily and it is mainly used to bypass Surveycash survey without ant hassle. This is completely free to use and works properly. Surveys can be crashed just in seconds using this software and it will skip the online survey in fraction of seconds. I personally recommend you to use this software to bypass online survey

Browser Extension to Bypass Online Surveys

Yes. Browser extensions also help you to bypass online surveys. There are some ultimate extensions for different browsers to bypass online surveys. You just have to try these extensions in order to bypass online surveys.

Firefox Extension

If you are Firefox user then you can use Redirect By-passer extension to bypass online surveys and it completely helps you to easily bypass online surveys.

  • It redirects your web page by passing online surveys.

Google Chrome Extension

There are many extensions available  for Google Chrome extensions to bypass online surveys in Google Chrome.

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How to Bypass Surveys Online With Best Survey Remover Tool

All in One Survey Bypass Tool

This is the best method to bypass online surveys easily without any hassle. This tool is ultimate and works kindly all the sites. You can bypass all surveys easily and it can be any surveys like Surveycash and many more. You can easily avoid or bypass online survey using this best tool.

Some other best tools used to bypass online surveys.

Survey Smasher:

Surveys Remover:

Survey Bypass:

Sharecash Survey Killer 2016

Survey Remover Tool

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