How to Unlock Computer Via Android & iPhone


This is the guide, which let you know how to unlock computer via Android and iPhone. This is the easiest method to unlock PC with your iPhone and even you can unlock computer via Android. There are various guides you can find out to unlock Computer via android phone and iPhone but this one helps you in the easiest way to do your trick. So, you want to interact with your Computer with your Phone then this guide is perfect for you. Apart from that you can get lots of computer tricks here on our website New Tips Tricks. You can easily get access your Computer with login screen in your Android Phone. Here you can easily get access a different type of login process in order to unlock your computer with Android and iPhone. This login method is totally different and looks elegant too. Here you need to use the software in order to unlock your computer via your Phone. So, let’s start with this guide and here we go.

Unlock PC with iPhone and Android


So, here is the step by step guide which you need to follow in order to know the trick in easiest way.

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Unlock PC with iPhone and Android Devices

So, here is the complete procedure and make sure that you are not missing any step here. Use your smartphone for unlocking the PC. You just take an USB cable and connect your PC to smartphone in order to unlock your Computer. Then here is the next procedure which you have to follow further. Unlock Windows 10 with Android. Even you can unlock Windows 10 with iPhone.

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Guide to Unlock PC with iPhone and Android Device

  • As I already said you have to download the software then here is that software called as Rohos Logon Key Software in your Windows PC.
  • Then launch the software in your Windows PC and now you are on the Homepage of the software.
  • Now you need to find Options button and click on that button. Now you have to alter some settings there.
  • Then select all the options and click on Ok in order to save all the changes that you have made.
  • Now you need to add the key and then click on QR code and in order to verify the key.
  • Now you need to download the same app in your smartphone whether it is iPhone or Android or any other platform. Then scan that QR ode using your smartphone and then you can see that code in your screen. After that it will automatically detects your Computer and unlock the computer. Now your PC is authenticated via your smartphone.

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That’s it. You are done with this process.

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